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Sitting in the Caribbean Sea south of Cuba, Jamaica is comprised of 4232 square kilometres of land mass which is divided into three government recognized counties. Jamaica lies in the centre of the tropical hurricane zone and is known for the severe damage structural damage caused by hurricanes each year.

Jamaica travel

Originally discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1494 Jamaica is known for its Spanish and European influences. Jamaica experienced British occupation from 1655. The original inhabitants of Jamaica were Taino Indians but through a process of genocide the Indians were eventually replaced by African slaves who were brought into the country until 1834 by the British government.

In 1958 Jamaica gained independence from the Britain and became a part of the Federation of the West Indies . 1962 however saw Jamaica break free from the Federation in an attempt to gain full independence.

On gaining complete independence Jamaica suffered from severe economic downturns which later resulted in nation wide violence. Jamaica has never full recovered from the economic problems it faced after gaining full independence and this has resulted in the country suffering from large scale violence, poverty, and poor levels of government service provisions.

Jamaica Travel

The main economic provider to Jamaica is its tourist industry which operates year long due to the tropical climate it enjoys. Tourism is confined to the ocean villages and cities with a small percentage of tourists using the eco-tourism industry in the centre of the island. As a country which has a high rate of violent crime tourists are recommended to remain in the major tourism zones and to not venture into unfamiliar areas without seeking advice of local tourism providers. Because Jamaica is able to provide a relatively safe environment for its visitors the tourism industry is able to contribute significant financial aid to the countries economy.

Jamaica travel

With a population of 2,804,332 people Jamaica has a life expectancy of 73.8 years and a relatively small HIV rate which represents only 1.2% of the population. Jamaica has been developed on a British common law system but has refused to accept compulsory International Criminal Law Doctrines. The government of Jamaica is based upon a constitutional democracy built around British principles.

The Jamaican economy is hindered by its high debt burden and high levels of unemployment. The economic woes of Jamaica are a major factor in the escalating crime and drug problems which the country faces. The cost which is incurred by the Jamaican government in combating the drug and crime industries of the island present a financial hurdle which detracts from the countries economic growth ability.

Some areas of Jamaica are currently subjected to curfews because of the violent crime currently occuring in the country. But regardless of this the country still offers an enjoyable holiday experience to tourists as long as they take heed of current warnings and take the advice of locals. The majority of the Jamaican population is friendly, inviting and welcoming of foreigners because of the tourism dollars that they provide. Getting to Jamaica is an easy experience flying from North American airports and major European airports the trip driving around the island can however be an intimidating due to the poorly developed road structures.


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