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Jordan is an Arab country located at Southwest Asia bordered by Iraq, Israel, Syria, Saudi Arabia and West Bank . The geography makes Jordan an interesting place for the tourists around the World. Tourist's attraction includes its historical places, desert castles and unharmed natural locations which is unbelievable. A modern city Amman is the capital of Jordan which is built on the sands and situated in the northwest part of the country. The other main cities are Irbid and Az Zarqa in the north and Karak and Aqaba in the south.

Jordan travel

Now the three important attractions of Jordan includes following places.

Amman :
A sand colored city of Jordan , a unique mixture of old and new buildings which is situated on the hilly area. The older name of Amman was Philadelphia which was named after the Roman emperor Philadelphus . Half of the Jordan 's population is situated in the Amman . The interesting places include Roman Theater and a number of museums where you will find the remainders of Dead Sea Scrolls. Don't forget to visit to the traditional part of the city called “Downtown” and the “ Temple of Hercules ”. As Amman is the capital of country you will find more educated, multi cultural and humorous kinds of peoples. Even they feel proud to guide you about this beautiful city.

Jordan tours

Petra in Maa'n : Petra city is known as the home of Nabateans which is fully situated on the mountain. Most of the rocks of the mountain are of pink color. The entrance to the Petra is very interesting because you will have to pass through a narrow gorge in the mountain called the Siq. The interesting places of Petra are the Roman theatre, the Royal Tombs, the High Place of Sacrifice and the Monastery. The main attraction of Petra is Khazneh known as Treasury which is declared as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World by New Open World Corporation.

Jordan travel

Al Karak : In Al Karak you will find an significant castle from the times of Salah al-Din.

The culture of the Jordan lies in its languages, beliefs, values and ethnicities is Arab as the Kingdom is in the heart of Southwest Asia . Different peoples from different parts of the world come to settle in Jordan like Circassians and Chechens. So, these peoples have mixed up their culture to the Jordan 's culture. Music of the Jordan is very interesting and Traditional. Zajal songs are played with rabab and reed pipe as an accompany instrument.

Tourist remembers some facts about Jordan that the official language of the Jordan is Arabic but don't worry most of the people and tourist guides easily understand English.

There is a high possibility of terrorist attacks in Jordan so visitors should be alert especially in public places. In 2005, bomb explosion occurred in three hotels in Amman . Al-Qaeda says that these hotels were targeted because mostly people come here from US and other western countries. So, especially US citizens are advised to make two or three days travel plan.


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