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Kansai International Airport

Located on a man-made island in the middle of Osaka Bay, it is renown for its extreme efficiency, quick check-in times, sparkling cleanliness, good baggage handling, first rate restaurants, stores, and airlines facilities, and extremely friendly and courteous customer service and staff.

The architecture of this airport is also notable as well, with all terminals being bright, airy, non-claustrophobic, and beautiful overall, the airport is also considered to be one of the most easy to navigate as well, with a layout that has been said to be impossible to get lost in; the airport has also survived the 1991 Kobe earthquake due to its adequate earthquake engineering and sliding joints used in its base during construction (with even the glass windows emerging unshattered or broken) as well as a 1998 typhoon which swept through with wind speeds of up to 200 km per hour.

Other architectural features include the world’s longest runway at one mile and the world’s longest truss bridge at 3750 feet. This airport is considered to be an excellent transit airport as well, with a hotel (the Nikko Hotel) located right on the airport grounds as well as a number of sleeping lounges and amenities to ensure that one’s layover time passes pleasantly and very comfortably. With first rate service in all categories as well as renown customer service, this airport ranks year after year as one of the most enjoyable airport travel experiences worldwide.

In terms of retail stores and restaurants, this airport offers a number of luxury name brands (including Bulgari, Cartier, Chanel, and many more) as well as convenience stores, drugstores, and electronics stores, and a vast array of restaurants both before and after check in points. Other amenities include free wi fi throughout the entire airport, numerous restaurants, a post office, medical clinic, dental clinic, a pet hotel, and a prayer room; in terms of relaxation, there is a Quick Relaxation Studio spa, which offers foot, facial, and full body relaxation packages, as well as coin operated showers that come with complementary shampoo, soap, and conditioner, numerous themed relaxation lounges throughout the entire airport, a refresh lounge, and dvd players for rent along with a dvd library to choose from.

For further entertainment one may also wish to visit the SkyView Observation Hall, which offers a sweeping panoramic diorama of the entire airport, stunning views of planes taking off and landing, and a view of the shoreline as well; with terraces, a café, and a restaurant called "The Concorde Experience" which serves meals on aircraft style trays out of old Ansett Airlines of Australia meal carts. The staff are among the most helpful and courteous as well (all speak English), the security officers are non-intrusive, and all place customer service at a premium. In terms of efficiency and level of services offered, as well as overall quality of all facilities and amenities, Kansai International Airport is consistently ranked among the top ten international airports by both passengers and airline review agencies.

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