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Kenya offers a rich experience of the visitor, from its pristine white beaches and stunningly well preserved coral reefs to the incredible big-game safaris that exploit the open savannah, Kenya can provide a truly diverse vacation. Many of the local cultural attractions have gone unchanged for hundreds of years, making this a fascinating place for those people who enjoy viewing ancient culture, yet require modern facilities. Kenya's climate is hot and dry throughout the year making it an ideal place to visit at any time. Kenya is a modern vacation destination, in many ways a leading light of the African continent.


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Straddling the equator in Eastern Africa along the Indian Ocean, Kenya is an ancient African country with roots going back as far as the prehistoric Mesozoic Era. Kenya's wilderness is among the most famous in the world. With a landscape that encompasses grandiose mountains, sprawling plains, misty lowlands, and coral reefs, Kenya's glory and splendor is miraculous.

Safaris are a way of life here. The very best of African wildlife wanders this country with the deepest respect of its people. The Maasai Mara Game Reserve is a fiercely protected big game reserve, widely regarded as Africa's most prominent reserve, is home to lions, cheetahs, zebras, gazelles, giraffes, elephants, and much loved wildebeest. Amboseli holds large elephant populations and offers a clear view of the magnanimous Mount Kilimanjaro. Kenya's twin National Parks of Tsavo is full of dusty red roads leading to herds of native buffalo, lions, and hippopotamus. Laikipia is a sanctuary for leopards and rhinoceros. Meru is the safari lover's paradise. It is largely unexplored and host herds of elephants, lions, and buffalo in a plush landscape of gentle streams and thick forests.

Kenya Travel

Nairobi, the capital and largest city, is a futuristic African city with a thick emerald canopy of trees. As a testament to their respect for Nature, Nairobi National Park is the only animal reserve in the world that exists within city limits. The park is the home of many giraffes and lions. The National Museums of Kenya exhibit a fascinating collection of tribal artifacts, clothing, and tools. There are many local markets and shops where you can find local handicrafts and souvenirs. The streets are filled with the sounds of native music, entrancing drums, tribal bells, and chanting.

Local restaurants and street food stalls abound throughout the city and offer a plethora of Kenyan foods. Maize, millet and sorghum are widely used to prepare local favorites like sukuma, wiki, and ugali. Sweet potatoes, taro root, and cassava are popular with the natives as well. Tilapia fish is extremely popular and served in many varieties.

Kenya travel

English is the official language, however many locals also speak Swahili. Additionally, there are an extraordinary number of unique ethnic tribes that speak their own regional language. Kenyans are known to be extremely friendly to visitors and excited to take you on a safari to see their native wildlife. Kenyans are some of the most proud people in Africa and bond with visitors that show respect for their culture and animals.

The climate is marked by four seasons, although it is mostly pleasant year round. The coastlands are tropical and the mountain regions are cool and dry. Getting around Kenya is an easy task with access to passenger trains, boats, buses, cheap taxis, and car hires.

Visit Kenya and you will know the glory and majesty of Africa.

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