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King Harry Ferry

The crossing of the River Fal is considered one of the most spectacular ferry rides and has been voted one of the most beautiful ferry trips in the world. The ferry was initially a chain ferry until 1956, when the diesel ferries were introduced.

For centuries the King Harry Ferry has crossed the River Fal. There are a number of stories behind the name King Harry. One popular version is that King Henry VII spent his honey moon in St Mawes, chartering the ferry in this location. There was a small chapel on the Philleigh side, where you can see the ruins as small stones. Several new ferries and updated models have been introduced into the fleet, and the cost of the ferry travel depending on the luxury and comfort you want.

In 1888, the King Harry Ferry was a submerged steam chain ferry, pulled by a steam engine was used to hauling the ferry chains. Today the modern ferries use diesel-electric propulsion. The King Harry Ferry covers just a short distance on the River Fal, but is one of considerable beauty. The Trelissick Gardens in Feock are a not to be missed attraction after the ferry trip. The cost is more on the expensive side, but for enthusiasts the opportunity to travel in a world renowned ferry worth any expense. The ferries are comfortable and not overcrowded, plus additional trips are offered during the high season of the River Fal festival.
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