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Kiribati is an island cluster in Micronesia. The country crosses the equator and was even crossed by the International Date Line until 1995. Kiribati has 33 atolls covering a surface area of just 811 square kilometers, despite the islands of Kiribati being sprinkled over an area greater than 3 million square kilometers. Kiribati was the scene of fierce fighting in the Pacific Theatre of World War II, including the Battle of Tarawa in 1943. Kiribati consists of several island chains including the Gilbert Islands, the Line Islands and the Phoenix Islands. The central Line Islands are not inhabited.

Kiribati Travel


In the Gilbert Islands area of Kiribati, the island of Abaiang has at least one hotel and a few guest houses, while the island of Tarawa is the location of Kiribati's capital. In the Line Islands, eight out of eleven atolls are possessions of Kiribati and are the easternmost zone in use any place on Earth, making these islands the earliest place on Earth to start each new calendar day. The other three atolls in the Line Islands are uninhabited and are United States possessions.

The Phoenix Islands are all uninhabited except for the atoll of Abarringa, although the atoll has a falling population of fewer than 40 people total. The islands also boast breathtaking submerged coral reefs called Winslow Reef and Carondelet Reef.



Non-stop flights from Fiji are available twice a week via Air Pacific with connections from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Canada and the United States, while Our Airline (formerly Air Nauru) offers once a week service to the capital of Tarawa from neighboring island countries.

Cruise lines such as Norwegian Cruise Lines offer a stop on its itineraries on Fanning Island on their Hawaiian cruises, although the liners only make stops lasting not longer than 8 hours on the island. Travelers to Kiribati need to be cautioned that officials in customs are very strict about travel visas. Even if a visa has been issued if the stamp is not “in order” you may be denied entry. Also be sure to not overstay your visa as Kiribati officials are quick to detain people who are in country illegally.


While the average high temperatures are quite reasonable when compared to other well-known tropical locations such as Bangkok and Singapore, the humidity in Kiribati is extreme causing the sensation of being in a sauna. While the wet season varies, it usually runs between December and March, while other times during the year the small country experiences droughts.


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