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This is an historic complex in the heart of Moscow, originally built by Ivan Kalita. The restructuring of the Kremlin came at Grand Prince Ivan III's request and three of the cathedrals were constructed during this particular time frame.

The buildings later fell into disrepair until the Catherine the Great took the site in hand in 1773. The Kremlin has seen occupation such as Napoleon in 1812. After the Russian Revolution, Stalin chose the Kremlin Senate as his home. During the communist revolution, all monasteries on the site were destroyed.

The Kremlin was built by Italian builders during the period 1485 to 1495.  There were originally 18 towers but that bloomed to over 20 during the middle ages.  The oldest secular structure still standing is the Palace of Facets . Ivan the Great Bell Tower is another building of note, which is on the northeast corner. It was completed in 1600 and is 266 feet high. The Tsar Bell stands near the tower.  This is the largest free standing bell in the world.  The Grand Kremlin Palace was commissioned by Nicholas I in 1838. The Cathedral of the Formation was completed in 1479 and is where all the Tsars were crowned.

To reach the Kremlin visitors need to first fly into Moscow 's Domodedovo International Airport . You can reach the Kremlin by rail or bus. Taxi services are also available, as well as trolley buses and trams.  There are also many tours and tour operators that work the Kremlin as well.  As this is a very popular tourist destination stop in Russia , there are many ways to get here from downtown Moscow.

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