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Kuala Lumpur airport

Kuala Lumpur airport is known for its efficiency, cleanliness, customer service, and fast check-ins, customs, and immigration, it is also easily accessible from major surrounding cities.

It is one of the newer airports of all of the top ten international airports in the world today, and is spacious, airy, and modern in its design as well, and known for its overall cleanliness; a forest jungle in the middle of the airport is also one of the more unique attractions of this airport’s design. It moves its passengers in and out of the airport quickly and efficiently.

Considered to be a fairly good airport for transit travelers as well, it offers a number of excellent lounges that one may rest and relax in, including the Plaza Premium Lounge (on the mezzanine level), which, for a small fee, provides five hours of unlimited food and drink, free internet access, movies, a small putting green, massage chairs, and free showers; a transit hotel is also provided on the airport grounds as well, renting out rooms with full bathrooms and tv in six hour blocks and providing a gym, business center, internet stations, and a cafe. In addition, other leisure facilities include a prayer and silent room, a reflexology and massage center (which, for a fee, will provide both thirty minute and one hour sessions), a business center (which, for a fee, will provide s ecretarial services, printing, faxing, and photocopying, laptop ports, postage services, and phones), and a viewing gallery where one may view flight landings and take-offs and all activity on the tarmacs.

A postal center, pharmacy, and medical clinic are also provided within this airport as well. In terms of retail stores and restaurants, this airport offers some of the highest numbers of brand names and luxury goods of any airport in the world today, with Versace, Christian Dior, Mango, Tie Rack, Burberry, Guy Laroche, Lacoste, Salvatore Ferragamo, Mont Blanc, Coach, Hermes, and Dunhill being among the brands offered; a number of jewellery, gift, Malaysian goods, candy, gourmet, and many more types of retail outlets are available as well. Although its number of restaurants is somewhat less than that of other airports, the restaurants are nevertheless more than adequate, with a number of Asian cuisine, Western, and fast food American restaurants making up the selections offered. A basic, efficient, clean, and modern airport, it is still one of the lesser traveled airports in this region today and as such offers greater customer service and quicker passenger handling; with additional transit facilities offered, it is one of the most satisfactory airports in the world today.

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