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Kuwait is a small country in the Middle East. This country is situated at the head of the Persian Gulf and shares borders with Iraq to the north and Saudi Arabia to the southwest. Kuwait, being situated near open ocean, has been a major exporter of seafood and spices for centuries, and the country played a crucial role in the spice trade between India and Europe during the preceding several hundred years. Kuwait is divided into 6 states or regions. These are Al Ahmadi. Al'Asimah, As Jahra', Mubarek Al Kabeer, Al Farwaniyah, and Hawalli.


The culture of Kuwait is a country highly influenced by its neighboring Islamic and Arabic cultures. Its distinctive architecture, cuisine, lifestyle and music show prominent signs of this pervading influence. Islamic dress code, however, is not compulsory in Kuwait, although some of the local dress will help visitors feel more comfortable in the climate. Local Kuwaiti culture is distinctive for the common diwanlyas which are large reception areas used for social gatherings and attended mostly by close family members or close friends.

Before Kuwait's oil wealth exploded in the past couple of decades, pearl diving was Kuwait's main industry and peals its main export. There are several pearl festivals throughout the year, with recreations of the methods used by Kuwaiti's in their pearl diving being one of the highlights. For fans of archaeology you might want to take a ferry to Failaka Island to see the many Bronze Age and Greek archaeological sites. Failaka Island also has a beautiful old Greek Temple that you won't want to miss.

Kuwait Travel


Kuwait International Airport is the only airport in Kuwait and is serviced by several airlines, most of which fly exclusively within the Middle East. The national carrier, Kuwait Airlines does serve New York City via London, as well as many European and Asian destinations. However, the airline being wholly owned by the government has many frequent delays and the planes are not in the best condition. A traveler's best choice is to use Jazeera Airways, a regional carrier with many of the amenities travelers usually need. United Airlines out of Washington DC does have coverage via connecting flights into Kuwait as well.


Kuwait has a dry desert climate with intensely hot summers, and short but cool winters. Sudden cloudbursts are quite common between the months of October and April bringing monsoon-type rain which does occasionally cause damage roads and houses. Additionally, sandstorms and dust storms occur during the year, but are most common between the months of March and August.


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