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Kyoto was the original capital city of Japan, between 794 and 1868. Unfortunately Kyoto has been destroyed several times through war and other natural disasters, although the Japanese government has taken great care to reconstruct modern Kyoto along traditional lines.


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There are a wealth of fascinating historic sites to be found within the city of Kyoto, including the impressive Nijo Caste which was originally the residence of the local Shogun. Arguably the most interesting location from an architectural viewpoint is Kiyomizudera, a temple which is famed for its intriguing construction and especially its large wooden terraces. Some of the most popular landmarks in the city are located in the Kyoto Gyoen area, which houses two of the traditional homes of Japanese emperors for many centuries, the Kyoto Imperial Palace and Sento Imperial Palace, as well as the Katsura Imperial Villa, one of the best architectural structures in Japan, and the Shugaku-in Imperial Villa, one of the country's most impressive gardens.

Kyoto is also renowned for its eye-catching Arashiyama Lake , the Philosopher's Walk, and the Gion and Pontocho geisha quarters. Listed as a UNESCO world Heritage site are the so-called Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto, which includes 10 historical shrines, the Nijo Castle and other sites.

Kyoto is also known as a center of Japanese cuisine, especially Buddhist inspired foods and various vegetables that are harvested in Kyoto.

The city also has a tradition of well-loved Japanese films and TV series, especially of samurai action films. Moreover, Kyoto also houses the Kyoto International Manga Museum, which has a voluminous collection of manga spanning over 200,000 titles.

A visit to Kyoto allows the visitor to see a more traditional glimpse of Japan whilst still staying in a modern city.

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