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Las Vegas travel

Brash and boisterous to its core, Las Vegas is a neon jewel in the enigmatic Nevada Desert. Most notorious due to its history as the gambling and entertainment capital of the world, the subject of untold books, movies and TV shows. Any trip to Las Vegas is sure to bring a heady mix of raucous nightlife, chic and sophisticated casinos and good old American fun. Modern day Las Vegas has become an all round holiday destination, with activities and interests to amuse the entire family, so much more than a cluster of world renowned casinos, a complete urban adventure in high American style.



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ARIA Resort & Casino at CityCenter Las Vegas
Trump International Hotel Las Vegas
Marriott's Grand Chateau 1 & 2
The Venetian Resort-Hotel-Casino

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Las Vegas may have started life as gambling city, and gambling is still the city's mainstay to this day, but the city offers far more than just casinos. Visitors will find that it has something for all ages to enjoy and that despite its adult reputation this is actually a fun destination for families with children too.

The move away from just gambling in Las Vegas began when the first ‘mega resort' hotel was opened in 1989. Mirage set a precedent for those to come and construction along Las Vegas Boulevard (aka Las Vegas Strip) began in earnest with each new mega resort attempting to better the last one. It wasn't enough to simply build a huge hotel and casino though and the mega resorts became more and more lavish in their designs, incorporating attractions which would attract additional visitors other than simply the guests who were staying there.

Las Vegas developed into what is essentially one big theme park! There aren't many places in the world where you can experience New York , Paris , Venice , Luxor and more all within walking distance of each other!

At New York New York you can gaze at the New York city skyline, or better still, ride a roller coaster through it! The Roller Coaster reaches speeds of up to 67 mph, a height of 203 feet and does a barrel roll through 180 degrees. Paris Las Vegas features an identical scaled down version of the Eiffel Tower , but this isn't just to look at, you can go to the top for some great views of the Strip! At the MGM Grand you can visit the lion habitat, whilst at Mirage you can see rare white tigers. Bellagio attracts guests with the famous Fountains of Bellagio, amazing fountain shows which are played to music and are different every time. The opportunities for fun are endless!

At the downtown end of the Las Vegas Strip is Stratosphere - a hotel and casino with 350 metre (1,149 feet) high tower. In the true tradition of Las Vegas this isn't just a tower though because in addition to the viewing decks at the top there's also three thrill rides which hang out over the edge of the tower!

Visitors can reach Las Vegas by air, flying in to McCarran International Airport from both within the United States and further away. The airport is well located for easy access to the hotels and casinos.

For most people, Las Vegas is synonymous with “excess.” With a nickname like “Sin City,” it's easy to see how Las Vegas earned its reputation, but the past few years has seen Las Vegas transform itself into a major vacation destination for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Las Vegas travel
The first thing that comes to mind when most people think of Las Vegas is gambling, and there are plenty of casinos to choose from for travelers wishing to try their luck at blackjack or roulette. The Bellagio, the MGM Grand, The Mirage, and Mandalay Bay are perhaps some of the most well-known casinos in the city. With their lavish décor and opulent furnishings, these casinos offer guests the ultimate in luxury. But these establishments aren't content to be known as just any old hotel or casino. The Bellagio, for example, is renowned for its fountains, which perform a spectacular display, set to music, at certain times throughout the day. The MGM Grand is home to a free lion habitat, while The Mirage hosts a magnificent light show complete with “erupting” volcano as well as a white tiger enclosure and a dolphin habitat. Not to be outdone, Mandalay Bay has an impressive shark reef; for a fee, visitors can walk through a transparent tunnel, surrounded on all sides by sharks, sea turtles, and exotic fish.

Gambling isn't the only form of entertainment in Las Vegas. Visitors can also check out any number of shows and concerts, some of which are free. Cirque du Soleil, magic shows, major theatrical productions, big-name concerts, and tribute shows are all hot tickets. Of course, Las Vegas also specializes in adult entertainment, from artsy burlesque shows to those of the more risqué variety.

Thrill-seekers can ascend to the top of the Stratosphere Las Vegas Hotel and Casino and experience heart-pounding excitement on one of three extreme rides: Big Shot; X-Scream; or Insanity, the Ride. These rides are not for the faint of heart, as each one suspends passengers up to 1,081 feet above the Strip. After you're safely back on solid ground, you can explore the Stratosphere's Tower Shops or take in the awe-inspiring view of Las Vegas 's neon lights from the Observation Deck.

Also on the menu is world-class cuisine. Las Vegas is home to some of the most exclusive restaurants, many of them run by top celebrity chefs, as well as a number of budget-friendly eateries. From steakhouses to sushi restaurants and gourmet burger joints to buffets, Las Vegas has something to tempt every palate. When the sun goes down in Las Vegas , the party continues, and there are a number of fashionable bars and nightclubs available to dance the night away.

Venture further out to experience some of the area's natural wonders, such as Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Red Rock Canyon , and Hoover Dam.

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