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Leaning tower of Pisa

It was originally constructed as a bell tower for the Cathedral. The tower one of a grouping of four buildings – Campanile (the actual leaning tower), the Cathedral Santa Maria Assunta, Camposanto cemetery and bapistry all located on Campo dei Miracoli which translates to the square of miracles. The design of the building is marvelous and travelers wonder at how the building doesn't topple. The Pisa tower is constructed in the Romanesque architectural style.

The tower was built as a regular way, but as construction progressed in the 11 th century workers noticed that the soft subsoil caused a risky inclination. Despite this the work continued and the inclination was evident at the completion of the tower after 70 years. Some people do believe that the tilt was a result of the purposeful architectural design. It is said that the tower tilts everyday and the tilt angle continuously increases. Today, the top of the tower is 5 meters from the perpendicular gravitational line, giving the leaning look.

The leaning tower is a major attraction for the city of Pisa , though there are other noteworthy buildings and cathedrals in the city. The restoration process is ongoing for the leaning Pisa tower as modern architects and engineers strive to stop the collapse of the building. Experts believe that ultimately the tower will collapse after many years. In 1990 the Italian government closed the steps of the tower to restore the building. John Burland, a soil expert worked to remove soil from the northern side to reduce the southerly tilt. This has worked for the tower and it opened again to tourists in 2001. You will have to pay around £15 to climb up the stairs of Pisa tower.
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