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Lebanon is a country in the Middle East; its capital is the city of Beirut. Lebanon is has the Mediterranean Sea on its west and has a rather long coastline. Lebanon shares its longest border with Syria, its substantially larger neighbor to the east and north. It also shares a very short border in the south with Israel, an area of heavy conflict. Of an interesting note, many of the place names in Lebanon have Arabic names that differ substantially from their English versions. These differences can cause confusion to travelers. The country is also the location of many recent disturbances which have created for the country a reputation of being unsafe, although the country is usually safe for tourists.


Beirut's has an oft-invoked “Paris of the East” reputation, and it is certainly well deserved owing to its architectural diversity and culture.Beirut boasts a plethora of sightseeing locations, shopping malls, and a unique cuisine. Beirut's nightlife is another tourist interest and tends to keep visitors occupied while in Beirut. Lebanon also possesses a fabulous, diverse countryside beyond the city, which often is an experience best found through a more lengthy exploration of Lebanon's many villages nestled in the mountains, with multiple small seaside towns, and lovely agricultural villages.

Lebanon has six ski resorts with groomed slopes that cater to experienced and beginning skiers. Besides downhill skiing there are several resorts that are used for cross-country skiing.

Lebanon Travel



Beirut International Airport is situated 5 km south of the city center and has regular service from British Airways via Heathrow Airport in London. Air France out of Paris and Lufthansa from Frankfurt are also available. Visitors can arrive by bus from Damascus Syria but this is not preferred since the buses are older and uncomfortable and will stop at every village along the way.

Non-nationals must possess a valid visa to enter Lebanon. Visa's can be obtained at Lebanese embassies and consulates as well as at Beirut airport and other points of entry. Entry into Lebanon is refused if holding used or unused, valid or expired visa's from Israel or any Israeli stamp on a passport.


Lebanon possesses a temperate relatively mild Mediterranean climate which has distinctive hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters. It is generally accepted that tourists to Lebanon may choose the summer as the finest time for a visit to the diverse country as there exists virtually no rainfall between the months of June and August and the average temperature is between 20-30 degrees Celsius and/68-86 degrees Fahrenheit.

Of course, during the winter season, snow falls in a large part of the Lebanese mountains, however, and several ski resorts dot the region, making the winter season a somewhat exciting time to visit for avid skiers and other winter sports enthusiasts.


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