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Lesotho, located in Southern Africa, is commonly called the “Kingdom in the Sky” because of the altitude of the country. Lesotho has the highest low point of any country in the world (1400 meters) and the entire nation is above 1100 meters elevation. Completely surrounded by South Africa, it has become a popular holiday adventure destination. The people of Lesotho, known as the Basotho, are very hospitable and welcoming. The country is relatively safe politically compared to many of its African neighbors.


One of Lesotho's most well-known tourist sites is the spectacular Maletsunyane Falls. Located in the highland area, the Maletsunyane Falls are the highest drop falls in Southern Africa. The river that feeds the falls, the Maletsunyane River, is nothing spectacular until you get to the falls. By taking a difficult hike down the sides of the gorge the visitor will be stunned by the beauty that waits. Because there is no sunshine at the bottom of the gorge snow can be found there at most times of the year. Archaeology enthusiasts will want to visit the small town of Morija. There is not much here besides the Morija Museum and the not-so-famous tracks of the Lesothosaurus dinosaur.

If you are looking for more history then visit the Thaba Bosiu. This is a mountain stronghold where the great diplomat and warrior King Moeshoeshoe fought to establish the Kingdom of Lesotho. Here Moeshoeshoe fought off hordes of white settlers and neighboring hostile African armies. Thaba Bosiu is still the burial location of the Kings and Queens of Lesotho.

Lesotho Travel

Another great site is the Katse Dam. An awe-inspiring 185 meter dam is a major part of the governments of Lesotho's attempt to sell water to the South African province of Gauteng. The huge man made reservoir behind the dam stores water that is fed to South Africa and helps to generate electricity for the Kingdom of Lesotho. It is an award-winning engineering marvel and is only surpassed by the beauty of the surrounding mountains.


There are no international rail lines and the only way of entry into Lesotho is via air travel or car. South African Airways flies a daily flight into Moeshoeshoe airport, but luggage is frequently lost and there is no lost baggage claims. Also be sure if you are planning on taking a taxi from the airport that you arrange it in advance as taxi's are not as common as in other airports.


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