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Liberia is officially known as the Republic of Liberia, it is a nation on the western coast of Africa surrounded by the nations of Sierra Leone, Guinea, Cote d'Ivoire, and has a large coastline bordering the Atlantic Ocean. Liberia was formed as a haven for former African slaves from the United States, and the country still has close ties to the United States, including the fact that Liberia is the only English speaking country in Africa and uses the currency of the United States.

Its government is modeled loosely after that of the US as well. Its populated Pepper Coast is composed of mainly mangrove forests while the inland is sparse and is forested and also has a plateau of dry grasslands. Liberia has experienced two civil wars since 1989 and visitors should consider this while planning a trip into Liberia.

The capital of Liberia is Monrovia, the largest city in Liberia, with a population of over one million citizens. Liberia also boasts the city of Harper, located in the southeast of the country. Harper is the former capital of Maryland, not related to the state of Maryland in the United States, and is well known for its beautiful beach houses and stunning beaches. While the houses are somewhat out of repair and dilapidated, visitors may still get a sense of the beautiful past of this region.

The only national park in Liberia is the Sapo National Park and it covers an area over 1,800 square kilometers. As the home of West Africa's only primary rain forest, it provides sanctuary for pygmy hippos and elephants. Sadly years of civil war have taken their toll on the park and it is very slowly being brought back to life.

Monrovia International Airport, the countries only major airport, is located approximately 60 km from the city center. Airline SN Brussels flies directly from Brussels but is an expensive alternative. Visitors may choose to enter the country via Dakar or Accra. Brussels Airlines also has flights on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday. Visitors may find that checking their flight information at the city center is more expedient than checking in at the airport, which can often be a very slow process.

Liberia has a humid, tropical climate and experiences very few variations in its weather year round. The average temperature in Liberia is 27 degrees Celsius and 81 degrees Fahrenheit and it very rarely gets warmer than 36 degrees Celsius and 97 degrees Fahrenheit or cooler than 20 degrees Celsius and 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Along the coast, the temperatures are tempered by a constant ocean breeze. Liberia has distinct wet and dry seasons, with most of the rainfall occurring between the months of April and November, with about 200 inches of rainfall annually.


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