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Libya is a country located in North Africa along the extreme northern coast of the continent. The country sits along the Mediterranean Sea, which forms its northern border. Egypt forms the eastern border while Tunisia is in the west of Libya. Libya also has land borders with Algeria, Chad, Niger and the Sudan. Over 90% of Libya is either desert or semi-desert. Libya has only recently been opened up to the world as it was under sanction by the United Nations for many years.

Given that Libya was once a part of the Roman Empire owing to its location on the Mediterranean Sea and its relative ease to reach by ship or boat, one of the most popular destinations in Libya is the old Roman city of Leptis Magna. During the reign of the Roman Empire, Leptis Magna was the second largest Roman city, after Rome itself and remains a major tourist attraction today.

Another popular destination is the capital city of Tripoli. Tripoli has been known as the White Bride of the Mediterranean. Tripoli has many mosques, including the Gurgi Mosque, which boasts expansive architecture, with nine columns holding up sixteen small domes. The Karamanli Mosque is considered to be the loveliest of the mosques in Tripoli, with a network of twenty-five domes covering its roof.

Libya Travel

Traveler's to Libya also experience a unique desert safari, and visitors are able to view the stunning desert vistas with its wide variety of wildlife, including Libya's vast array of varieties of birds, making Libya a haven for bird watches.

Tripoli is served by most major European and Arab airlines, and also by the nation carrier, Libyan Airlines, which uses the airport in Tripoli as its main hub. Major connections from Heathrow in London, Paris and Amsterdam are available. Libya also has two other private airlines, Afriqiyah and Buruq Air, which provides domestic services and some flights to international locations.

Libya is a desert and semi-desert country with hot dry summers between the months of May and October. The typical daily temperature of Libya runs at least to 35 degrees Celsius and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Near the coast, the country experiences high humidity. The winter months are the best time to visit Libya, between November and March. Travelers should avoid visiting Libya during sandstorm season which occurs during the months of May, June and October. The fierce sandstorms curtail all outdoor activity during this time and can cause issues with visibility or breathing.


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