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Lithuania, referred to officially as the Republic of Lithuania, is a Northern European country on the Baltic Sea that is the epitome of medieval intrigue. Gothic castles peering out over verdant landscapes of pristine lakes and mythical forests.

Vilnius, the capital city, is a thriving modern city awash in Gothic and Baroque architecture. Vilnius has been anointed as the 2009 capital of European Culture with good reason. Its foundations go back as far as the mid 12th century and have been the seat of power for many colorful kings and rulers. Gediminas Tower, an iconic Lithuanian symbol, has stood against many conquerors and provides an exquisite panoramic view of Vilnius' illustrious Old Town. Cathedral Square is in the heart of the city crowned by the magnificent Vilnius Cathedral, which has been the site of many coronations of its rulers. Dive into Lithuania's diverse culture and wander along the fabulous Pilies Street to find numerous old churches, medieval craftsman, feudal palaces, tiny cafes and historic courtyards.

Kaunas, the second largest city, is known for its plethora of museums and art houses. The peculiar Devil Museum holds a massive collection of devil imagery from strange woodcarvings to sculptures and paintings of devils. The Vytautas Didysis Museum is homage to Lithuania's greatest rule, Vytautas Didysis. The Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis National Art Museum collects and exhibits the works of the famed Lithuanian composer and painter M.K. Ciurlionis.

Lithuania tours and sightseeing

Outside the cities, travelers can get lost in the pagan forests and the expansive natural sanctuary. Go on a whimsical hunt for wild mushrooms or take a dip in one of the exquisite lakes. Take a hike through the mythic nature trails and discover pagan hideaways and moss covered castle ruins. Take a daytrip on horseback and ride through medieval villages and meet the locals. Have a relaxing fishing excursion or go canoeing down an ancient river.

Lithuania Travel

Go out of your way to sample the local foods and drinks of this country. Lithuanian cuisine is a delightful journey through its countryside with so many locally grown mushrooms, heirloom potatoes, berries, and grains. Dairy products are a regional specialty due to its ample grazing grounds for cattle. Locally made cheese comes in every color and flavor and will delight culinary travelers to no end. Be sure to sample other regional favorites like sakotis, kibinai, kugel, vedarai, and ceburekai.

The language of Lithuania is a fusion of all the influences it has experienced throughout its history. English and German are the most commonly spoken languages, while many natives also speak Russian and Polish. Getting around is easy with easy access to buses, taxis, and trolleys everywhere you go.

Lithuania's climate affords it a reputation of being a year round destination for anyone seeking to explore ancient European and medieval culture. Lithuania's beauty can be seen in photographs but its glory can only be experienced.


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