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Machu Picchu

This site was a part of Inca King Pachacuti estate and the ruins are balances of groups of buildings built in the 14 th century. These buildings were residences of the subjects. Many of these buildings were built with white granite and some are made up of bedrock as well. Machu Picchu is renowned for the architectural beauty of the buildings evident from the ruins.

The ruins depict the pre-Columbian Inca style and these clearly reflect the glory of Machu Picchu in the past. When the area was in its golden age, the Spanish conquered the region and it was abandoned. Until now, the reason behind mysterious abandonment is unknown. Even the Spaniards were not aware of Machu Picchu because only the locals knew about it. It wasn't until 1911 that the beautiful architectural area was uncovered by Hiram Bingham.

There are still different opinions among the archeologists about the purpose behind the construction of Machu Picchu . Some believe that it was a religious site, but others argue that Machu Picchu was a citadel. Many people even opine that it was a purpose built holiday place for the locals to enjoy their holidays.

You have to reach the city of Cuzco in order to journey to Machu Picchu . Once you arrive there you can take the trains to reach the base of the ancient area. To get to Machu Picchu itself you need to then take a bus and climb the mountain slope to 2000 feet. Hiking is a popular activity and here you can hike parts of the Inca Trail. Going on a helicopter ride will give you a spectacular bird's eye view of Machu Picchu . To explore more of the wonder, consider staying overnight in one of the hotels before journeying further afield.
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