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Mackay is a fascinating region of North Queensland and one which has so much more to offer than first meets the eye. Primarily Mackay is notable for its incredible landscape and diverse range of flora and fauna, this natural beauty forms the backdrop of any Mackay vacation.

The visitor to Mackay is presented with a range of great activities to fill their time from simply enjoying the many stunning islands and beaches to full blown activity adventures including four wheel drive excursions. Nature is the underlying theme here, with camping, fishing and trekking being the most popular activities enjoyed by holidaymakers in Mackay.


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Visitors to Mackay will be interested to learn that Captain Cook was one of very first explorers to put a foot down on the soil in the late 1700s. However, it wasn't formally settled until one hundred years later when an expedition, led by John Mackay, went out searching for suitable grazing land. He named the area after his father. Mackay soon flourished as settlers arrived to stake their claims to land. It wasn't long before the success of the sugar crops in other parts of Queensland were replicated in Mackay. Today, Mackay produces over one-third of the country's sugar and you will often hear it referred to as the sugar capital of Australia

Mackay has a wide range of attractions and there is something for everyone, from sun-worshippers to outdoors enthusiasts. A number of picturesque islands are dotted along the coastline and day tours or overnight stays with accommodation can be arranged to many of them.

Mackay Travel

Eungella National Park is a must-see attraction, as it boasts the longest area of sub-tropical rainforest in the country. It is situated just one hour away from Mackay and day tours are possible. In Mackay city itself you will find top-quality restaurants, great shopping and examples of heritage buildings that have been fully restored. Mackay Marina Village is a popular spot for eating out and it is also home to a number of quality Mackay hotels.

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