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Malawi is a country in Africa that is bordered by the countries of Mozambique, Tanzania and Zambia. The third biggest lake in Africa, Lake Nyasa, runs down most of Malawi's eastern border. Malawi is often referred to as the “Warm Heart of Africa” owing to the sociability and generosity of the Malawi people, especially in relation to the nation's tourists and visitors.


Malawi is dotted with multiple tourist locations such as Likoma and Chisumulu Islands, where an abundance of sea life can be found and observed by boat or scuba diving. The islands are also a great location if travelers are heading into Mozambique as these islands border that country. Malawi also boasts Liwonde National Park, a vast area of over 550 square kilometers of completely unspoiled jungle. The Nyika National Park is Malawi's largest national park, sited on the 1800 meter high Nyika Plateau.

Climbing enthusiasts might enjoy the 3002 meter high Mount Mulanje. The tallest mountain in southern central Africa, it does not require extensive climbing knowledge and it is an excellent place for beginning climbers. Additionally, the Kuti Community Wildlife Park, which sits 90 km from Lilongwe is a location where visitors will get nearer to wild Zebra that at any other spot in the vast continent of Africa.


Malawi Travel



Skopje is the capital city, set on the Vardar River. Although it has the look and feel of a modern city, there's an ancient past lurking round many a corner. The Skopje Fortress is situated on the highest point of the city and was built by the Byzantines in the 6 th century AD. The Old Town is the most attractive corner with hundreds of shops and restaurants. Also here is the Church of the Holy Saviour. There are some beautiful frescoes, but it's most famous for the intricate wood carvings of biblical scenes, that hang on the icon screens. For a superb view of the city, head up to the Sveti Pantelejmon monastery on Mount Vodno. There's a 12 th century church and a traditional restaurant.


The international airport servicing Malawi is in Lilongwe. Most travelers connect via Johannesburg in South Africa or in Nairobi, Kenya. While the state airline Air Malawi claims to be “Africa's Friendliest Airline”, it has limited service covering only nearby African countries and the Middle Eastern hub in Dubai.

One note is that if leaving the country of Malawi by airplane, a $30 departure tax must be paid only in US dollars and not in the country's currency of kwadha. While travelers may convert their Malawi currency at the airport, it has a very low exchange rate so putting the departure tax aside before the trip is advised.

If traveling by train, service is twice a week from Blantyre to Cuarriba and Nampula in northern Mozambique, although there is a 77 mile stretch of track between the Mozambique border and the city of Cuambra which is not functional and passengers are carried by truck that distance.


Malawi's climate experiences dry winters that run from the months of May until July, while the rainy season extends between the months of November and March. The hottest region in Malawi is on the shores of Lake Malawi, however, even in this hot region there is a cooling breeze making it a more comfortable locale. The highlands of Malawi are the coolest portion of the country.


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