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Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines provides first rate amenities, one of the most attentive and friendliest staff of any airlines, one of the highest percentages of on time arrivals, and efficient passenger check-ins and baggage handling; it also consistently offers some of the lowest airfares out of all of the top ten airlines worldwide.

Concentrated in the SouthEast Asian region and Pacific regions, this is also the only Asian airline to fly to South America, with an international flight to Buenos Aires, Argentina, and to south Africa as well; they also fly to numerous destinations in both the Australian, Asian, Middle Eastern, and European regions.

This airlines operates a diverse fleet of aircraft including B747-400P, B777-200, A330-300, A330-200, an dB737-400, and transports its passengers in these aircraft accompanied by top notch service, cleanliness, amenities, and luxury; as a result, it has not only maintained its five star ranking but also ranked among the best year after year.

The Economy class of Malaysia Airlines is noted for its unusually generous amount of legroom as well as for its entertainment system, which offers passengers their very own 6.5 inch tv screen and video games in addition to movies and cds that are more recent than the features on other airlines, and in-flight shopping service as well from the airline’s duty free shops. Some meals for this class include 1.) drink, bread roll, a main dish of grilled chicken with chili garlic sauce, steamed saffron rice, and broccoli with butter, a side dish of smoked chicken and vegetable salad, cherry crumble, and ice cream, and 2.) drinks, roll, prawn pasta salad, a main dish of grilled beef Argentina style, roasted potatoes, sauteed mixed vegetables, apple crumble, and chocolates, and 3.) a vegetable pie, spring egg roll, a satay of chicken, fruits, and drinks, among many other meal plans. (Note: The cuisine for both of these classes will often feature the Malaysian dish of satay - grilled chicken or other meat on a skewer accompanied by sauces, spices, dips, and more - as well as seafood in addition to Western cuisine.)

The Business class of this airlines also has additional entertainment features as well, with a 10.4 inch tv screen, a movie and cd library, video games, and a portable media player which provides On Demand movies; seats are reclining, with amenities including a thick duvet, mood lighting to counteract the effects of jet lag, and foot rests offered as well. Sample meals for this class include 1.) chicken satay, sweet 'n sour chicken, rice and mushrooms, beef tofu asparagus salad, bread roll, fresh seasonal fruits, and drink, and 2.) a satay of either charcoal grilled chicken or beef topped with a spicy peanut sauce, smoked salmon and seasoned prawns, and a choice of roast beef, chicken, or spinach and mushroom tortelloni, a choice of carrots, green asparagus, mixed vegetables, roast Chateau potatoes, or steamed rice, a cheese plate, blueberry cheesecake, bread assortment, and drinks, among many meal options.
Malaysia airlines
First Class travelers of Malaysia Airlines will also travel in curved reclining seats that come with their own 15 inch tv, laptop power outlets, individual ottoman, and turn down service; entertainment options include over 500 hours of video and audio programming to choose from, movies, and language lessons in 22 languages. Dining options include five star Malaysian cuisine, including satay; other dining options for first class travelers include Hindu, Muslim, and Kosher meals , as well as diabetic, high fiber, low fat/low salt, gluten free, low protein, and low purine meals as well; vegetarian dinners of Western, Indian, and Oriental cuisine are also offered as well. Sample meals for travelers of this class include 1.) fresh fruit, stir fried lobster, rice and broccoli, cake, tea/coffee and ice cream, and 2.) a Malaysian Satay of grilled chicken and beef with spicy peanut sauce with some garnish, deluxe hors d'oeuvres of smoked Nordic salmon/Cajun roasted chicken, Japanese noodles, and garlic bread, miso beef, Lyonnaise potatoes, rice, assorted mixed Veggies, broccoli with almond flakes, caramel chocolate blanc with cappuccino, and drink, among many other meal plans. Travelers of this class will also have access to lounges that come equipped with internet access, chairs with foot massagers, orthopedic massage chairs, and an extensive complementary buffet featuring both Malaysian and Western foods.

Overall, Malaysia Airlines offers some of the best flying experiences in the world that one can embark on today, with exemplary and renown customer service, and many have found out for themselves why this is a five star airline.

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