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Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country that is unique in that it is split into two distinct parts with the South China Sea in between them. West Malaysia is situated on a peninsula of the Asian mainland. East Malaysia is located in the north part of the island of Borneo. The western part of Malaysia is connected to Thailand and the island of Singapore. The east side of Malaysia borders Brunei and Indonesia.

Visitors to Malaysia can enjoy a variety of sights and activities. Of particular interest are Malaysia 's tropical islands. Scuba divers can explore to their heart's content on Redang Island , a popular choice among the scuba diving community. Also of interest to scuba divers would be Sipadan Island well known for its beautiful coral reefs. Fishermen can enjoy good fishing on the island of Pangkor . Others with a passion for marine life can visit Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park .

Those visitors with a heart for a different kind of adventure can head into one of Malaysia's many national parks. These parks offer a plethora of expeditions into the country's jungles. These expeditions can range from the fairly tame (meaning civilization is not too far away) to the more remote. Interested persons should visit one or more of the following parks: Bako National Park, Gunung Mulu National Park, Gunung Gading National Park, Batang Ai National Park, and Kubah National Park all located in the Malaysian state of Sarawak. Other parks include: Endau Rompin National Park , located in the state of Johor, and Kinabulu National Park located in Sabah , Malaysia.

Malaysia Travel


Most international flights into Malaysia land at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). The KLIA's predecessor airport, the Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport in nearby Subang, handles all chartered and turboprop aircraft. Train service is available from Singapore and Thailand to most major cities in Malaysia. Additionally ferry service is available from Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, and the Philippines; there are also luxury cruises from Thailand to Malaysia.


Malaysia's has a tropical climate. The north-east monsoon pours down upon the east coast and Borneo during the months of October to February. These monsoons cause frequent flooding in the east although the west coast typically escapes unscathed. A milder south-west monsoon occurs during the months of April to October that is in the pattern reverses. The southern parts of the peninsula, particularly the typically waterlogged Kuala Lumpur, experiences rain during both monsoon periods but they tend to be powerful but short-lived.
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