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Amsterdam Marathon
A fast and flat course is provided to runners that take part in the Amsterdam Marathon. The scenery is another reason to participate as the best parts of downtown Amsterdam and its historic canals are on display.


Athens Classic Marathon
There wouldn't be a marathon if it wasn't for Greece so those that enjoy history and a challenging course will want to take part in this event. The hills can be difficult but the result is more than worth it.


Berlin Marathon
One of the biggest marathons in the world, the Berlin Marathon is fast, enjoyable and has great organization. Runners from all over Germany, Europe and the world compete in this race in large numbers.


Boston Marathon
The City of Boston is one of the great places for sports and the marathon is no exception, it has been around for more than a hundred years. The course starts in Hopkinton and ends in downtown Boston.


Chicago Marathon
One of the World Marathon Majors, the Chicago Marathon provides a flat and quick course for runners that takes in the scenery of downtown Chicago and the attractions along the shoreline of Lake Michigan.


Gold Coast Marathon
Runners in Australia enjoy the Gold Coast Marathon course that takes in the beach area of this Queensland city. The course is quite flat and quick times can be achieved.


Honolulu Marathon
The Honolulu Marathon is a favourite race for many who enjoy the challenge of the uphill segments and weather as well as the views of Waikiki and other famous tourist attractions around the city.


London Marathon
One of the biggest and most famous cities in the world has a marathon of equivalent standing. Runners get to go along the roads that follow the Thames River and the race finishes just past Buckingham Palace.


Los Angeles Marathon
The LA Marathon is not only a great run to the ocean at Santa Monica but passes by all of the tourist attractions that Los Angeles, Hollywood and Beverly Hills has to offer.


Melbourne Marathon
Runners get to finish this race inside the famous Melbourne Cricket Ground. The course also takes in the various parks and beaches around Melbourne and even the streets that form the Formula 1 racing track.


New York City Marathon
One of the biggest cities in the world has one of the biggest marathons with huge numbers of runners, many spectators and some gigantic bridges to cross along the way to the finish line in Central Park.


Niagara Falls International Marathon
One race but two countries, the Niagara Falls International Marathon starts in Buffalo, New York, USA and ends in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada and it is also a surprisingly flat and fast race.


Paris Marathon
Taking part in the Paris Marathon means getting to view all of the famous places that Paris has, from the Arc de Triomphe and the Place de la Concorde to Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower.


Pikes Peak Marathon
Those that drive a race car up Pikes Peak are doing something difficult, so those that take on a marathon that climbs uphill into the thin mountain air before turning around to run back down to the finish line are really doing something few others can do.


Rome Marathon
The race takes place on the same roads that famous Romans were using two thousand years ago, and the course also features the famous landmarks like the Colosseum and Vatican City.


Rotterdam Marathon
The Rotterdam Marathon is a huge annual event in the Dutch city and the large crowds and flat course combine to help runners achieve low times as they take on this scenic race.


Seoul International Marathon
This exciting race goes by many of Seoul's landmarks and runners are able to finish the race in the Olympic Stadium. The race has great organization, cheering crowds and runners can finish the course with fast times.


Stockholm Marathon
Many runners consider the Stockholm Marathon to be among the very best events in the world. The course around downtown Stockholm takes in the parks and waters that give the city its friendly feel.


Tokyo Marathon
Runners will enjoy the course for the Tokyo Marathon as it goes by various landmarks, like the Imperial Palace, and follows the rivers before ending in the harbour area. The crowds and runners turn up in large numbers for this race.


Toronto Waterfront Marathon
With the CN Tower and Lake Ontario to look at, the Toronto Waterfront Marathon has great scenery and a flat course. There are many public transport options so runners can arrive right at the start line with lots of energy to use.


Comrades Marathon
Where: Between Pietermaritzburg, Kwazulu-Natal Province and Durban
When: May/June
The Comrades ultra marathon is renowned for its cruel, body sapping 90-kilometres. The direction of the race alternates each year but whatever way you do it there are a series of strenuous hills known as "The Big Five" to be overcome. Athletes must complete the event in 12 hours.


Inca Trail Marathon
Where: Peru
When: Late May
This 27.5 mile marathon following the original pilgrimage trail to Machu Picchu is a remarkable adventure into the grand Inca civilization. You can see the ruins along the way and cover mountain terrain from 8000 to 14000 feet.

Marathon Des Sables (Sand Marathon)
Where: Sahara Desert, Morocco
When: March-April
For some reason the start line at this Sand Marathon is always full. It’s unbelievable when you consider how gruelling this 151 mile event through the desert is. Held over six days participants must carry their own clothes, food and sleeping bag on their back and the temperatures are extreme.

Polar Circle Marathon
Where: Greenland
When: September
An extreme event that is held just a short distance north of the Arctic Circle. The run takes you onto the ice sheet itself as well as on tundra, frozen lakes and through the Arctic desert. The scenery is breathtaking but it’s not for the faint hearted. The terrain is varied and rather hilly and temperatures fluctuate.

The Great Wall Marathon
Where: Tianjin Province, China
When: Mid May
Every year in May tough, determined runners take on either 5km, 10km, the half marathon or full marathon through the beautiful Tianjin Province. About a quarter of the route is on the Great Wall and runners must ascend about 4000 steps.


Midnight Sun Marathon
Where: Tromsø, Norway
When: June
This is the most northern marathon event in the world and the event sets off in the evening when the sun is still bright overhead. It’s a surreal experience and ensures a good turn out.


The Big Five Marathon
Where: South Africa
When: Late June
This “wild” marathon takes you directly through the African savannah and some of the best “Big Five” game reserves. You may even spot elephant, rhino, buffalo, lion or leopard as you run. The marathon takes place over various surfaces from deep sand to slippery rocks and some steep climbs.


The Great Tibetan Marathon
Where: Leh, Ladakh, India
When: Mid July
You can run on the rooftop of the world with this marathon in the remote Indian Himalaya. The air is thin at 3500 metres above sea level and the steep and rugged inclines do take their toll, but the physical trials are tempered by the beautiful scenery of the Indus Valley.

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