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Martinique is situated in the eastern Caribbean Sea and is an Overseas Department of France. The island itself is comprised of 100 square kilometres of land mass and is situated in the Caribbean Sea. The island has a population of 411,539 people who are reliant upon French financial aid and Tourism to make up their national income. The island was founded in 1502 by Columbus and eventually in 1635 the island was claimed by France . Historically the island has been occupied by the British on two separate occasions however the French have been the dominant claimants of the island.

Martinique Islands Travel

Martinique has a warm tropical atmosphere with only a five degree Celsius change in temperature between summer and winter. The average daily temperature for the island is 29 degrees Celsius with mild humidity levels making the temperatures one of the best in the Caribbean .

The hotels on Martinique range in size from large hotels which offer 300 rooms to small hotels which offer ten rooms. As the island is reliant upon tourism for its national income he prices of hotel rooms are quite modest although they still retain high quality throughout all of the 103 hotels on the island.

Getting to Martinique is predominantly by air from Miami International Airport with flights being obtained by regional airlines. All visitors to the island are required to have a valid passport and people staying for longer than 90 days are required to obtain a Visa. Although there is some opportunity to arrive in Martinique by ferry the standard of boats used are not considered to be the safest option due to the strong winds and currents which affect the seas surrounding the island.

Transportation around the island is generally by local taxis and buses although hire cars can be rented from the airport if you have a current drivers license. Rates for hire cars range from between $35US and $215US per week making this an affordable transportation method on the island.

Things to Do:

Earth and Science Discovery Centre – the building itself is an advanced seismic architectural concept which has been designed to withstand volcanic and earthquake activity on the island. The Centre is home scientific shows embracing the scientific discoveries of the island.

Fort –de-France Distillery – As a land with a strong sugar cane industry Martinique is known for its traditional Caribbean Rum Distilleries. The Fort-de-France Rum Distillery is open to the public and is also a winner of the prestigious French ‘Appellation dórigine Controlee' Award for its rum which is considered to be the best and strongest in the world.

Martinique Carnival – This Mardi gras style carnival is held in February of each year and has large fire work displays and traditional dancing shows which showcase the history of the island. The carnival runs twenty four hours a day and is started on the official holiday known as Mi-Careme.


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