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Micronesia, officially referred to the Federated States of Micronesia, is made up of 607 individual islands that form the nation in the Pacific Ocean. This diverse culture is derived from Polynesian, Melanesian, and Filipino influences. Despite its remoteness, the beauty of these islands have been splashed across magazines worldwide and been the site of several marine life documentaries.

Micronesia Travel

Palikir, the capital city, is the amazing island of Pohnpei. This island is the most developed and populated island in all of Micronesia. The white sand beaches are surrounded with seas that are considered to be the clearest in the world. There is an incredible shopping culture where you can buy handmade tropical grass skirts, love sticks, and many hibiscus bark crafts. Some markets specialize in coconut crafts, including coconut shell carvings, miniature coconut canoes, and lotions perfumed with coconut oils.
Pohnpei is the nesting grounds for four special bird species that have been never been seen anywhere else on the planet; the Pohnpei Flycatcher, the Pohnpei Lorikeet, the Pohnpei Fantail, and the Long-billed White-eye. Waterfall enthusiasts will find a Mecca here; from the Liduduhniap Twin Waterfalls and Kepirohi Falls to the majestic Sahwartik Falls. Pwudoi Sanctuary is a fertile eel nesting ground where natives educate visitors about these peculiar creatures.

The Chuuk islands are renowned for their world-class scuba diving sites filled with sunken World War II era shipwrecks, kaleidoscopic fish, and bountiful coral reefs covered in dynamic marine life. Truk Lagoon is the watery grave of an entire Japanese battleship fleet of over 50 vessels that was destroyed during World War II teeming with marine life.

Micronesian cuisine is a literal fusion of regional influences. Yams and coconuts dominate the culinary landscape as the natives have numerous different words to describe them, and cultivate more varieties of yam than any other place in the world. Yams are a part of every meal and a revered local vegetable. Other popular local favorites include Chuuk, which is a combination of fresh raw fish and breadfruit topped with a spicy drizzle. Kava, a hypnotic root juice beverage, is a favorite of the locals.

Micronesia has seven official languages with English being the most common. The other languages include Chuukese, Kosraean, Pohnpeian, Ulithian, Woleaian, and Yapese. Getting around Micronesia is a simple task with great access to ferries for island hopping, cheap taxis, and private shuttles. The climate is exquisite year round and only experiences a short rainy season in the fall.

Micronesians have a solid reputation of being exceedingly friendly and welcoming to visitors and delight in showing you secret lagoons and hidden beaches. If you are searching for a tropical destination that isn't overrun with tourists, look no further than Micronesia. With seas so pure that you can count the fish and angelic beaches of white sand, Micronesia's beauty is unmatched in the world and a well-kept secret among tropical travelers.

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