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To step into Moldova is to walk into a picture postcard of a country. There are rolling green hills, cave monasteries, pretty villages with whitewashed buildings and medieval fortresses. Moldova is a small country sandwiched between Ukraine and Romania, and has a population of just under 4 million.

Chisinau is the capital city and is sited on 7 hills. If you like a quiet night in, it is probably best to stay away from the centre, as it has a vibrant nightlife that never seems to go to sleep. And every year in October, there's a wine festival. The city is one of greenest and lushest in Europe. There are so many parks and lakes that walking through the city is a real joy, especially on a summer's day.

Now, Moldovan wine probably hasn't yet slipped into many people's drinking repertoire, but you can judge for yourselves by taking a tour through some of the many vineyards, or venture down to the cellars of Cricova. The country has 19 wine making centres. As well as Cricova some of the other important ones are Comrat, Codru, and Romanesti.

Two must-see destinations are the cave monasteries at Orheiul Vechi and Tipova. The monastery at Orheiul Vechi was carved into a limestone cliff by 13 th century monks. There are also some more places of worships around the cliffs.


Moldova travel

For some spectacular countryside take a trip to the Saharna river canyon. You'll encounter large forests, rapids and waterfalls.


All international flights to Moldova use Chisinau airport. The best way to get around the country is by bus or car or trams. There is an extensive road network but some of the roads are in a poor state of repair.


The climate is continental, with summers that are quite warm, and there are reasonably mild winters.


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