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Monaco, a tiny principality on the Mediterranean, with a reputation as a playground of the glamorous, rich and famous. From the expensive and luxurious yachts in the harbour to the old casino, Monaco is all about wealth and flaunting it.  

Monaco lies in Western Europe and is surrounded by France on 3 sides. It's the second smallest state in the world and occupies an area of just under two square kilometres.

The place that most people head to is The Casino, where the main attraction, of course is gambling. It's also an attractive building in its own right and looks stunning when lit up in the evening. For an elegant dining experience, slip into the Hôtel de Paris. Like the casino, it was built in the mid-19 th century.

Leaving aside the money for a moment there are some spectacular sights to be seen. The Prince's Palace and Palace Square is a popular draw. The palace was built in the 13 th century and parts of it are open for tours.

The Old Town is small, but a pleasant enough place for a quiet stroll and there are numerous shops and cafes. Many people flock to the cathedral to view the graves of the fairytale royal couple, Princess Grace and Prince Rainier III.

Another interesting venue on the itinerary is The Oceanographic Museum and Aquarium. Jacques Cousteau was once the director here, and there are thousands of species of fish as well as a shark lagoon. It's also home to a world famous research institute.

Monaco also hosts a Formula One Grand Prix every year.

To get to Monaco you can fly into Nice airport, about 20 kilometres way. Helicopters, buses and taxis provide permanent links to the principality. By train the Monaco-Monte Carlo (SNCF) railway station connects with France. If you're loaded you can always sail into the harbour on your multi-million pound yacht. Inside Monaco the best way to get around is by foot. To help navigate some of the steep slopes, there are public escalators and elevators. Monaco also operates a bus service and the Azur Express is a small tourist train that passes all the major sights.

Monaco's climate is temperate throughout the year. The hottest months are July and August and the coolest are January and February.

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