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Montserrat located 30 miles south west of Antigua is comprised of 40 square kilometers of land mass. The island currently enjoys a population of approximately 8,400 people which is down on the 1994 population of 13,000 people. As a hub for increased volcanic activity more than 5,000 people fled from the island in 1995. Montserrat's climate is tropical and although it experiences severe hurricane and volcanic activity the island raises more than 25% of its national income through tourism.

The government of Montserrat is based on its function as a British Overseas Territory. The country has a British governor who is complimented by a locally elected government of nine ministers. The official language of Montserrat is English with a strong Montserratian accent. Unlike other British Territories, Montserrat enjoys year long temperatures between 24C and 32C. Due to its tropical environment Montserrat receives an annual rainfall of approximately 2,000mm.

Due to the eruption of the Soufriere Hills volcano an exclusion zone has been created between the capital Plymouth and the southern town of St. Patrick's. The volcanic activity which has been ongoing since 1995 has created a dangerous environment in this area of the country and the government has made it illegal to be anywhere within the exclusion zone.

Montserrat Travel

Immigration requirements for business and tourist travelers to Montserrat are relatively relaxed. Citizens of any Commonwealth country and US citizens are not required to possess a passport as they are admitted entrance to the country on presentation of a valid driver's license or other official identification. Citizens of countries such as Cuba and Eastern Bloc countries however are required to obtain an entry visa.

Things to see:

Although the capital of Montserrat is currently a no go zone because of volcanic activity the Montserrat round island boat tour allows visitors to view the destruction caused by recent volcanic activity. Plymouth has been described by many as the modern day Pompeii as it is covered in molten ash and truck sized boulders. The boat tour allows visitors to see the destructive path taken by the volcano and follow the pyroclastic lava flows.

Runaway Ghaut
The ghauts of Montserrat are a series of deep canyons which carry fast running fresh water from high in the mountains down to the sea. The ghauts are of significant legendary history to the local population.

Tropical Beaches
The beaches which border Montserrat are known for their volcanic sands which are of a grey to white colour. The island is not known for bright white sand but the volcanic sands are known for their softness and reflective qualities.

Although not a sought after shopping location, Montserrat is known for its fine craft work made from volcanic rocks. The island does not have the typical fashion outlets of many tourist destinations but instead provides unique and innovative craft work hand carved by the local population.


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