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Morocco is a North African country and it is the only country which is not come under African Union. It is a member of Arab League. Morocco is bordered by countries such as Algeria, Spain and Mauritania. In size, it is a bit larger than the city of US California.

As the name suggests Morocco is a Muslim country and the traditional dress here is swimsuits, shorts and other revealing clothing to the beach or hotel poolside. Sexual relations with others after the marriage are punishable by law.

Morocco travel

Rabat is the capital of Morocco and is the destination of all the foreign embassies which makes Rabat second most important country in terms of economy. The tourism is the highest in this place. Hassan Tower is an interesting place of Rabat because the building was intended to make the world's largest minaret but it is incomplete.

Morocco is famous for its excellent beaches. Following are main attractions which are recommended for the travelers.

Atlas Mountains: These are the white and green Mountain ranges which touches neighboring countries like Algeria and Tunisia . The mountains are divided into different ranges such as High Atlas, Middle Atlas and Anti-Atlas.

The Sahara desert: The Sahara desert is known as the world's largest hot desert and second largest in area after Antarctica . It covers most of the countries of Africa including Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea.

Dades valley : The valley is known as the land of thousands of Kasbas. From Ouarzazate to Boulmane du Dades, you will travel across 105 miles of some of the most surprising landscapes Morocco has to offer.

Morocco travel information

Royal Air Maroc is has the most flights to Morocco from the UK . Easyjet had daily flight from London Gatwick.

Due to the normal atmosphere of Morocco there is no requirement of vaccines of Hepatitis A and B. But, you should take some precautions such as avoiding street water and food. Always drink bottled packed water. Medical facilities are good and health insurance is necessary.

The official language of Morocco is Arabic but other languages such as French, Berber and Spanish are also spoken. French is mostly spoken and English is used in tourist area.

The currency of Morocco is Moroccan Dirham(MAD).One MAD is divided into 100 centimes. You can easily exchange money from the banks in big towns. Credit cards are accepted in large hotels, restaurants and shops. It is recommended that you should bring cheques in Euros.

If you want to be in contact with your home country it is advised that don't make calls from hotels because hotel charges are very expensive. The best way is internet cafes which are mostly available in tourist's area. The international access code for Morocco is +212.

You should follow some precautions during visit in Morocco such as coming late night in the hotel, be careful from thieves especially in beaches and in big cities. Terrorist attacks have occurred in the past so you should be attentive.


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