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Mount Everest

Mount Everest had long been known to the local Tibetan and Nepalese people. Tibet had its own traditional name for the mountain, which was Chomolangma, though Nepal did not have an official name. The English name of Mount Everest was given in the mid 1800's by the British Surveyor General of India , Andrew Waugh. Waugh named it after his predecessor George Everest because at the time they were unable to find out what the local name was.

Mount Everest

The summit of Mount Everest - at 8,848 metres, or 29,029 feet - was first reached by Edmund Hillary (a New Zealander) and Tenzing Norgay (of Nepal) in 1953. Since then many others have climbed Mount Everest and it has even come to a point where tourists with very little mountaineering experience are paying to climb the mountain with groups. However, most tourists visiting the Himalayan region come here just to see Mount Everest rather than to climb it!

There are many places from which you can experience the Himalayas and get great views of Mount Everest . Trekking is extremely popular here and Kathmandu (the capital and largest city of Nepal ) is an excellent base from which to start a Himalayan trek. The landscapes and the whole natural environment here are the main attraction, though there's also a great deal of culture to experience in this region too.

Getting to Kathmandu is easy by plane, and this is the only international airport in Nepal . From Kathmandu you have a number of options - if you want to trek in the Khumbu region where you can do the famous Everest Base Camp Trek for example, catch a flight to Lukla Airport . You can hire a guide here or find one in Kathmandu and buy the complete package.

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