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A country located in southeastern Africa, bordered by Indian Ocean to the east and sharing land borders with Malawi, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Swaziland, Tanzania and South Africa , nowadays officially called the Republic of Mozambique, is putting its shattering history behind and enjoying a renaissance among adventurous tourists. Named after Muça Alebique, a sultan, Mozambique is, despite ruins of civil war destruction, very colorful place, thanks to mixture of different cultures.

Explored by Vasco da Gama in the late 15 th century and colonized by Portugal in the early 16 th , Mozambique has absorbed much of Portuguese culture, and the influence made is still very much in evidence. The beautiful seacoast city of Maputo , the capital formerly known under the name of Lourenco Marques, is said to be a miniature Lisbon because of its pastel buildings, sidewalk cafes and tile floors. There are so many things to visit in Maputo , such as botanical garden, the National Museum of Art and Museum of Nature . There is also picturesque train station built by Gustave Eiffel in 1910, which speaks, once again, of the country's European influences. The central market gives a more traditional feel, especially the Maputo fish market on the north end of Avenida Marginal, surrounded by small bars and restaurants that will cook clients purchase for a small fee.

Mozambique Travel

Today a World Heritage Site, tiny Mozambique Island in front of the northern shore has played a significant role in East African coastal life. Part ghost town and part lively fishing community, it used to be the capital. In evidence of that, there are many colonnaded archways, colonial-era buildings and governor's residence.

One of Mozambique 's highlights is Bazaruto Archipelago National Park, consisted of five main islands. Thanks to a protected status, and to the archipelago's relative isolation from the war, with clear turquoise water, white-sand beaches and excellently preserved coral formations, Bazaruto is as close to tropical paradise as it is possible.

There are two international airports, in Maputo and Beira . There's also option of flying to Johannesburg and than taking bus or flying from there to Maputo . The best ways to get around Mozambique are by bus or air. Buses between major towns run at least daily. There's also option of using converted passenger trucks called chapa-cems to get around, especially away form the main routes or hiring cars form local agencies and hotels.

From May to November the temperatures stay between 20 to 29°C (68-85°F) and there is little rainfall, which makes it the best period to visit. It's also possible to travel during the early part of warmer, rainy season from November through January, although temperatures get quite high in January. It is advised to avoid visiting during the height of the rains, from February through March/April.


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