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Munich International airport

Munich International airport is known for its cleanliness and organization, this airport is also renown for its fast immigration times, its easy to navigate layout, and its efficient passenger handling.

The airport consists of two terminals, a business center known as the Munich airport center (which has conference centers, meeting rooms, relaxation rooms with bed and bath available, and photocopying, computer stations, scanning, and faxing services offered as well), and numerous shopping and restaurant areas.

Health and relaxation facilities include a swimming pool, hair salons, free hot showers, and a cosmetics salon; entertainment facilities include a gaming arcade, internet service, and German made car shops and themed areas. Other notable amenities also include a waterfall in one of the airport lounges, a huge supermarket with a wide selection of food, comfortable couches in the lounges, free internet access, its own brewery, and a vast number of restaurants in a great variety of cuisines, including Italian, German, Turkish, Thai, and Japanese.

A visitors' terrace is available for sweeping views of the airport, as well as a visitors' park, which includes a playground, a replica of an historic aircraft and helicopter, a miniature golf course, a restaurant, a visitor's hill, a cinema which shows aviation themed, and a mascot for kids; one can also view and climb aboard historic aircraft including a Douglas DC-3, Junkers Ju 52, and the Super Constellation. During the Christmas season there is also a Christmas market area and an ice rink located within the terminal as well. There is a hotel located directly on the airport grounds called the Kempinski airport hotel, making this airport ideal for transits. There are also a number of travel agencies located in the airport as well in case one needs to make travel arrangements for the rest of their vacation as well.

Munich international airport is directly accessed by the Munich train lines, public buses, and freeway system, making it an ideal location from which to connect to the rest of this country. With outstanding facilities and amenities, Munich International airport is one of the most well-traveled and highest ranked international airports in the world today.

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