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Nauru is a small Island in the South Pacific. Despite the beautiful landscapes that include nice beaches, Nauru has not aggressively pursued tourism as a foreign-exchange earner, like the other South Pacific Islands . This is due to the fact that the country could sustain its citizens on the proceeds from the sales of phosphate.

Nauru travel

Notwithstanding, there are some landmarks that could attract even the most reluctant visitor to Nauru. There are some relics and wrecks of Japanese guns and pillboxes abandoned in the course of the World War 11. These could be found in Yaren.

There are so many traditional sports played by the locals: these include ball games, wrestling and the Frigate bird game. The locals also play football using the Australian rules. And weightlifting is an interesting sport in Nauru.

Swimmers would have good time at Anibore Harbor ; and hikers could walk up the Command Ridge that provides great view of the surrounding coastlines. There are opportunity for game fishing, shark watching and fishing.

However, these activities are being improved at the moment, as the economy of Nauru became bad due to the depreciation in the value of phosphate. And the mining of phosphate for decades had destroyed some farming lands that could have used by the people to plant crops.

The people of Nauru are traditional pleasure-seekers; they love dancing, singing and dressing flamboyantly in their local fashion. These attitudes would help Nauru 's Tourism business in the future.


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