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Nepal is one of the world's most incredible countries – home to around 24 million Nepalese – their languages and customs as diverse as the terrain and climate itself.

Within a single day one can fly past Mount Everest, pause amidst the palaces and temples of Kathmandu and then ride elephants through tropical jungles inhabited by native birds and wild animals.

The Kingdom of Nepal is a landlocked country situated between India and China 's Tibetan Autonomous region. The Himalayas fall within the country's boundaries, thus Nepal is well known for its mountainous and hilly topography. In fact, Nepal is home to the magnificent Mount Everest , believed to be the world's tallest mountain. The fascinating geography of Nepal contributes greatly to the country's wonder and touristic appeal. As we investigate Nepal 's geography you will quickly discover why it draws adventure seekers and those interested in exploring its ecological diversity.

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