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The Netherlands is without question a place that is ripe for exploration as a country that is frequented by travelers from around the world, coming to see one of the most unique countries in all of Europe. No trip to the Netherlands would be complete without a thorough exploration through the big city of Amsterdam. From the world renowned "café culture" and the red light district to the beautiful canals that transverse the city; one can easily get overwhelmed in trying to figure out a plan of exploration here.

Luckily there are many guided tours available to travelers that will explore in depth the different elements of this city and surrounding region, making your experience here much more rewarding and structured to maximize the enjoyment of your travels here. Bicycle tours are in high demand and hopping on a bike and seeing the city with a guided tour is one of the top options that international travelers choose during their stay in Amsterdam.

Head south for a display of horticultural excellence on a trip that puts on full display the gorgeous floral offerings that the country is so famous for. Fields of bright, colorful flowers spread as far as the eye can see and the innate beauty of this place is awe inspiring. From the historically significant and saddening Anne Frank House exhibit to the amazing art exhibits from world renowned artists of past and present there are tours available for so many different interests here that will captivate your mind and teach you of the rich history of this European country. Plan your time wisely, there is much to see here and so many different interests to explore. Take full advantage of the many tours offered to get the most of your short time here in the Netherlands.



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