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As with many other countries, there are plenty of different types of hotels in New Zealand, although travellers who are looking for a budget option will be spoiled for choice. The motel is one of the most popular types of New Zealand hotels and there are plenty of bed and breakfasts and hostels for backpackers. Luxury accommodation is available in most areas for those who want more in the way of home comforts. As more and more tourists visit New Zealand the choice of accommodation is becoming wider.

At some of the lower budget New Zealand hotels it is not always necessary to reserve rooms in advance, particularly when travelling off the beaten track. Those that are in tourist areas will be busier and reservations are needed for peace of mind.

The motels are mainly self-catering and perfect for those who are touring the country although in some rooms there are just tea and coffee making facilities and a fridge. Other facilities might include games rooms and some offer services such as babysitting and even a laundry service. These are ideal for families. Many hotels do not put screens on the windows to keep out bugs so it is recommended to take along insect repellent.

It is not compulsory to leave tips in New Zealand hotels although if the service has been particularly good most people do for porters and maids. The vast majority of New Zealanders are extremely welcoming and will go out of their way to help visitors as much as possible.

It is not permitted to smoke in bars or restaurants in New Zealand so hotels which have one or the other will not allow patrons to light up, even if they are staying at the hotel. Some hotels are entirely non-smoking while others will have rooms that are set aside for smokers.

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