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Niagara Falls International Marathon

There is something unique about the Niagara Falls International Marathon as the course covers two countries. There are very few marathons that require a passport. The race goes from the USA to Canada.

The Niagara Falls International Marathon starts in Buffalo, New York and ends right next to Niagara Falls on the Canadian side. Only a small section of the marathon is in the United States before the runners cross the Peace Bridge into Canada. The course then goes along the roadway next to the river.

With the course not venturing down to river level the run is very flat. The only uphill segment of the race occurs around the 4km mark, when runners have plenty of energy to use. There is a downhill part of the course at the 7km mark. After that the course is very flat or has a slight decrease in elevation. Drink stations with water and energy drinks are posted around the course.

The weather in October when the Niagara Falls International Marathon occurs is likely to be cool. Temperatures during the race have varied from 6 degrees Celsius to 17 degrees Celsius in recent years. Runners need to have a passport to compete in the race or enhanced drivers license or Nexus card.

Other events that occur during the Niagara Falls International Marathon are the 1812 Peace and Friendship Marathon Relay Course which splits the marathon distance between two runners on a team, the Half-Marathon and the 10km and 5km runs.

To get to Niagara Falls, visitors will fly into Buffalo, New York or Toronto, Ontario. Buses and trains go to Niagara Falls from Toronto. There are shuttle bus services for runners taking part in the marathon on the day to take runners from the Canadian side of Niagara Falls to the start line.

Along with the huge waterfalls, there are many other tourist attractions in the area. Niagara Falls is home to the Clifton Hill tourist area, several casinos that often feature concerts and other events, Skylon Tower and MarineLand. Buffalo is home to the NFL's Buffalo Bills and NHL's Buffalo Sabres as well as many festivals and the Buffalo and Erie County Naval & Military Park.

In another part of southern Ontario there is also a run that crosses a bridge. At a distance of 10km, which is much shorter than a marathon, runners in the International Bridge Race start in Port Huron, Michigan, USA and finish the race in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada.

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