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Niger, officially referred to as the Republic of Niger, is a West African country and a favorite locale of desert photographers and archaeologists. Niger is considered to be one of the poorest and most undeveloped countries in the world, however, in recent years has seen new developments and an influx of varied historians seeking to explore its past.

Niger travel

More than 80% of Niger is overrun with the expansive Sahara desert. Despite its raging heat index and lack of greenery, the Sahara desert is a major draw for Niger. The great Sahara desert gave rise to some of the world's most iconic imagery including the Tree of Tenere, a lone acacia tree long considered to be the most isolated tree on the planet. Deep in the Sahara, the Djado Plateau is the site of prehistoric cave art dating back several thousand years. The Gadoufaoua region of the Sahara is a fossil playground for paleontologists where innumerable fossils, bones, and remains have been unearthed. There are group expeditions on a regular basis that allow you to explore some of these sites. Along the way, you will undoubtedly see nomads in traditional clothing herding their camels and goats.

Niamey, the capital city of Niger, lies on the banks of the Niger River and is the hopping cultural center of the country. It is a well-developed city that bridges the prehistoric and the modern with African flair. Here you can find the Niger National Museum, which houses fabulous African treasures. Among them are a very unique museum of vernacular architecture, prehistoric dinosaur exhibits, the famed Tree of Tenere, and an ancient crafts center.

Located nearby, the Grand Mosque of Niamey is a gorgeous site. The local bazaars and markets are a lively and traditional way to get a feel for Niger's people. The Hippodrome is a popular sports facility that hosts frequent camel and horse races.

Several other unusual towns dwell in Niger's lowland and are worth visiting. The ancient town of Dosso, which dates back to the 13th century, features an elaborate palace and an animated city center full of local foods and crafts. The early 1900's capital city Zinder is home to the Sultan's Palace, and a gorgeous mosque. Ayorou region is a favorite of locals for its Sunday market where you can spot majestic giraffes while shopping. You can also take a daytrip around the "W" National Park, which features legions of wildlife including African lions, ivory-tusked elephants, roaming buffalos, and wild baboons.

French is the official language, and many regional indigenous dialects are spoken as well. The locals are friendly and always happy to barter with you at the markets and bazaars.

With the Sahara desert claiming the majority of the land, Niger's climate is generally extremely hot and very dry 365 days a year. However, in the southern region around Niamey in the Niger River basin, the climate is more humid and tropical. Niger is a unique destination for anyone seeking out African history and unfettered access to African wildlife in its natural habitat.

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