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Niue stands as an exciting Island in the South Pacific because of its pretty beaches and crystal-clear waters that are great delight for the swimmers, divers and those who are interested in snorkeling.

Niue travel

Niue is reported to be the biggest coral Island in the world; and its attractive features make it one of the best locations visitors flock to in the Pacific.

Since its “independence with free association with New Zealand ” in 1974, Niue has been governing itself peacefully since then. The apparent political stability in the Island contributes to its recognition as a peaceful place to visit.

Niue is blessed with stretches of tropical rainforest; and the plants and animals in them are pretty and not dangerous to touch. These forests are protected by Huvalu Forest Conservation.

The nice locations for swimming and diving are Avaiki, Limu and Vaitafe. There are many humpback whale watching shows in some of the islands, like Tamakautoga and Avatele. Niue has an elaborate expanse of beautiful underwater scenery. And countless marine creatures live in these crystal-clear waters. These creatures include dolphins, water snakes, whales and turtles.

Niue travel

Hikers could explore the interesting network of caves; they could go for a walk along the reefs and see the coastlines firsthand; they could engage in cycling on the plain roads.

For a wonderful experience at fishing, visit Niue . There are some private tour operators that handle these fishing excursions. Exotic species of fish like wahoo, tuna and sailfish could be seen with naked eyes.

The people of Niue are very friendly; and the ability of some of them to speak English encourages English-speaking visitors to troop to the Islands . Traditional festivals and dances are exciting activities that attract several foreign visitors.

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