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Oman is an Arab country situated in southwest Asia on the southeast cost of Arabian Peninsula. This country is bordered by three Arab countries which are Saudi Arabia, Yemen and United Arab Emirates.

Oman Travel

Oman is known for its wadis, mountains, beaches and deserts. This place makes Oman different from its neighboring countries. There are two main cities which are interesting for tourists are following.

Muscat : The capital of Oman is the preferred and best place for the tourist because it is different from the rest of the cities. The largest Mall of the country situated here is known as City Centre which is built by a famous business man, Majid hFuttaim. In deserts, you can enjoy sand skiing and camel racing. On the other hand, you can take part in mountain-climbing while visiting beautiful mountains.

Oman travel

Muscat includes so many wonderful beaches such as Bandar Al-Jissah, Qurum and Yeti. Parks are named as Riam , Qurum Natural Park and Kalbouh.
If you are interested to know about Oman 's tradition and cultural festivals that you should come here in beginning of the year.Muscat festival is celebrated every year on which you can enjoy traditional dance, dress and music of this country.

Salalah: This city is 1,040 km away from Muscat and is famous for its historical and archaeological studies. It is situated on the Arabian Sea and is known as the administrative capital of Dhofar Governorate.In this city, remains of various ancient civilizations can be found in the form of writing such as Al-Blaid and Samhuram ancient cities.

The city includes various Tombs such as Nabi Avoub Tomb and Tomb of Prophit Omran. The parks here is different from other parks because they are situated around different springs like Ain Rzat, Ain Sahnot and Ain Hamran.A cultural festival known as Khareef Festival which is celebrated every year in August during cool breeze weather. It is developing city but don't worry there are number of good Hotels are available.

Muscat travel

Concerning the food of Oman , it is mostly non-vegetarian. Fish and mutton are habitually used in dishes. Dry pistachio, Dates and fruits are very tasty. The popular drink is laban and buttermilk yougurt drink flavored with cardamom.

The official language of Oman is Arabic. The other language spoken here is Balochi from Pakistan . Swahili and French are also spoken due to the historical relation between Oman and Zanzibar . The country has accepted English as a second language. Few people speak Hindi due to migration of Indians in 1980's and 1990's.

The currency of Oman is Omani Rail (OMR) and 1 OMR = 1,000 baiza. The coins available here is of 50, 25, 10 and 5 baiza and notes are of 50, 20, 10, 5 and 1. You can easily exchange money from To avoid additional exchange charges travelers are advised to bring cheques in US dollors.

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