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Palau 's unique location gives it an advantage of being patronized even by seasoned travelers. The Island is wedged among three tourist nations of Papa New Guinea, the Philippines and Guam. The landscapes of Palau are beautiful: there are corals, sandy white beaches and dazzling blue waters. Palau is reported to have had a lot of colorful marine creatures that include butterfish, barracudas, triggerfish, sharks, cuttlefish and spadefish. Altogether, they constitute about 1,500 species of fish.

Rock Islands in Palau have been identified as paradise for the following activities: snorkeling, fishing, swimming, kayaking and sailing. Most importantly, divers would find these locations ideal for their diving: these include Siaes Tunnel, Chandelier Cave, Blue Corner, German Channel and Ngemelis Wall because they contain beautiful marine lives. There are private tour operators that arrange these excursions. Or visitors could use their hotels' excursion services, which are mostly cheaper.

There are 37 monoliths made of stone called Badrulchau, which bear the tales of how civilizations have influenced Palau and her citizens. Also, there are some interesting statues and pillars that visitors would find quite exciting.

Palau Travel


Koror, which is the capital of Palau , has many markets, shops, restaurants and other spots needed by tourists. And the road network is simple within the capital; so, visitors may not lose their way after wandering around from their hotels. Palau National Museum is located in the capital: this museum contains several historical relics, traditional items and fashion. World War 11 wrecks and photos are available on display.

The entertainment in Palau is vibrant. Nightclubs and restaurants that serve local and Western cuisines dotted the streets in the capital. Because of its location, Palau often receives visitors from the Philippines and Papa New Guinea . And this helps to keep the tourist population almost balanced. More so, people in Palau are welcoming and helpful.

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