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This is not the first manmade island to be sure, but it is the most luxurious and well known of all the islands in Dubai. This is set amidst 150 acres of greenery. The Desert Palm is an exclusive hotel on the island. This is one of the most architecturally difficult projects engineers have accomplished, not only faced with a tight timeline, but also having to fight the sea to create the island itself. From the initial building the breakers to create the outline, this extraordinary venture was a logistical nightmare. However, the builders prevailed over the sea and the tides to create the Palm.

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The Palm, is the smallest of the three Palm Islands . It is on the coast of Dubai . This unique manmade island is in a palm tree shape tree. This area is both a retreat and a residential area. Construction on The Palm began in 2001 and completion was in 2006. This island has many different resort areas and hotels of note such as Palm Trump Hotel, Fairmont Palm Residence and Taj Exotica Resort and Spa.

To get to The Palm, you need to take a flight to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates , landing at Dubai International Airport . There are several ways to access the Palm. For transportation on the island, you can use the Gateway Bridge or the monorail from the mainland to access the Palm. The Palm Monorail is available for use from the Gateway Station, to the Atlantis Station. The Sub Sea Tunnel is the chief mode of transportation on the island, with three lanes and an emergency lane for usage on the island.

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