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Papa New Guinea Travel

Papa New Guinea became an independent state from Australia in 1975. During the WW11, it became a transit location for soldiers crossing to the South East Asia. The country consists of over 600 Islands , and the their inhabitants speak over 700 unique languages! This great diversity speaks volumes about Papa New Guinea diverse cultures, attitudes and communities.

Travel Papua New Guinea

Historically, it offers more insights into Australian, Japanese and German activities during the WW11. Tourists could see the wrecks left behind by the war.
Visitors would like to see the amazing Botanical Gardens in Lae; Wau Ecology Institute that housed a small museum and zoo in Wau; the Mendi Valley reputed for its limestone caves and the underground tunnel in New Britain left behind by Japanese.

The National Parliament, the National Museum, the Botanical Gardens and the Catholic Cathedral are situated in Port Moresby, the capital of Papa New Guinea. Hikers would find Kokoda Trail and Sogeri wonderful as it takes them along the beautiful scenery and rubber plantations.

Papa New Guinea isn't short of many exciting places to visit: for example, the Moitaka Crocodile Farm; Loloata Island; the Wairiata National Park and the Sea Park Oceanarium.

Papua New Guinea travel

Because of its beautiful, tranquil beaches, rivers and seas, Papa New Guinea has become a place of attraction that encourages the following interesting activities in locations like Madang, Port Moresby, Rabaul and Wewak: swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, sailing and most recently white-water rafting on Watut River, the Wahgi and Purari Rapids.

There are some tour operators that have many years' experience of conducting tourists to birdwatching around Chambri Lakes, the home of many species of exotic birds like brahminee kites, kingfishers and several other kinds of birds. Papa New Guineans are deeply religious people, and most of the houses and buildings in this country are fashioned after haus tambarans, the spirit houses. Even the National Parliament and the National Museum have spirit-house architecture.

The entertainment in Papa New Guinea is one of its kinds: the people in this country are friendly and open to assist any tourists who need any kind of help.

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