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Sometimes referred to as “Corazon de America”-“Heart of America”, due to its location in the center of South America; bordered by Argentina, Brazil and Bolivia , Paraguay is a country with many tourism possibilities that are yet to be discovered. It is a land of diversity – there are 17 indigenous ethnic groups living in Paraguay , the most important being Guaraní, whose language is spoken by 90% of population. Guaraní culture mixed with traditional Spanish culture, along with the cultures of many other immigrants, making Paraguay unique not only for its landscape, but for its people.

Paraguay River divides the country in two regions: majority of population lives in the Eastern Region with its green countryside bordered by mountains, rolling hills and beautiful valleys. Western Region is the most populated territory in the country – it includes dry plane Chaco, with biological and ecological reserves, including national parks, the Defensores del Chaco, Enciso and Tifunque. Filadefia is the only organized community in the whole Chaco region and sort of a capital of that area.

Asunción, the capital located on the Bay of Asunción on the Paraguay River, planned on a colonial Spanish grid system with many parks and plazas is both cultural and economic center of the country. The old part of city is known for its architectural diversity, while the Parque Carlos Antonio Lopez above Asunción offers spectacular view of the city. The Lopez Residence converted into a natural history museum and library is there for those eager to learn, and there are the Botanical Gardens offering peace and quiet.

Both Iguazú and Monday Falls are major tourist attraction, set in the northeast of Chaco , about 30 minutes from the fastest-growing town in the country – Ciudad de Este.

Offering its visitors number of activities such as sailing, fishing or camping and walking tours, Italpú Dam, one of the largest hydroelectric complexes in the world, stretches over 180 km (112 miles), and is another great tourist spot.

There are seven Jesuit missions remaining in Paraguay , and two of them, Trinidad and Jesus de Tavarangue , are World Heritage Sites that definitely shouldn't be left out when visiting Paraguay.

There's only one international airport in Paraguay , near Asunción, and only a few overland crossings. Another way of traveling to Paraguay is by boat, if traveling from Argentina . The easiest way of getting around Paraguay is by bus, although there are taxis or rent-a-cars. For those wanting to experience something different, there are boats from Asuncón and Concepción up the Paraguay River , taking travelers to many river ports.

Summers in Paraguay are very hot, temperatures ranging around 35°C (95°F). There's a lot of humidity in the eastern part of the country. The best time to visit is in the winter months, from May to September, although a good time to go is also February when there's a celebration of Carnival, which makes it the liveliest time of the year.

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