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Peru is in western South America, lying on the coast of Pacific Ocean, bordered by Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Brazil and Chile was a home to the Norte Chico civilization and to the Inca Empire long before first Europeans turned up in South America . Modern Peruvian lifestyle doesn't differ much from European or American one, but there are still some highlanders using Quechua language and living a traditional way of life.

Peru Travel

Machu Picchu, a World Heritage Site, is Peru 's and South America 's most visited tourist spot. And for a good reason, because coming at Machu Picchu at dawn and watching sun slowly rise and shine on ruins of this ancient city, while so far from crowded, loud cities is indeed magical. Most Inca Trail trekking tours are arranged from the city of Cusco, which is a World Heritage Site itself and a great place to visit. Interesting Inca ruins sites not to be missed out are also towns of Pisac and Ollantaytambo, as well as Tucume Pyramids near cities of Chiclayo and Trujillo.

Remains of Nazco culture – the Nazca Lines, dating back even further than the Inca culture, laid in the north-west of the city of Nazco can be visible only from above, and there are flying tours arranged especially for that.

Pisac's Sunday market is one of the country's best handcraft markets, with hundreds of booths selling almost anything, which makes it a good place to shop for original Peru souvenirs.

There are hiking tours for passionate climbers; El Misti Volcano can be a good start, since it's an easier climb.

Sooner or later, most tourists end up in the capital, Lima . It has many interesting sites to visit; number of museums, the old town - which is a World Heritage Site, the Cathedral – where the body of Pizarro rests.

Peru has beautiful beaches as well - both swimmers and surfers will enjoy them. There are surfing tours and lessons for beginners, and there are surfing contests for more experienced surfers. Peru is famous for being a home to the Andean condors, which can be seen in the Colca Canyon . Experiencing wildlife can become real adventure for those on expedition in Peru 's Amazon Forest . There are also wildlife reserve Paracas with huge drawing of candleholder drawn on the hillside above the sea, Titicaca Lake and many national parks to visit such as Huascarán and Manú.  

The easies way of getting to Peru is by plane, although some tourists, might choose traveling by bus or train from one of the neighbor countries.

There are taxis, rent-a-cars and buses to get around, as well as boats and domestic flights. Peru is great for mountain biking. Hitchhiking is not advisable.  

Peru has two seasons – the wet and the dry one. The dry one, from June to August is great for hiking and trekking, however there are many festivals in the wet season. Beaches are best to visit from December to March, the rest of the year the coastline is clothed in fog. December to May is the wettest period, but there is still a lot of sunshine to enjoy and many visit during that period.

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