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Compromising 7,107 islands, archipelago country located in Southeast Asia , the12 th most populous country in the world is renowned for its beauty.

Philippines travel

The oldest part of Manila , the capital, is the old town center of Intramuros surrounded by walls. There are fortress Fort Santiago , old cathedral and St. Augustin church, which is a World Heritage Site. There are several parks, a number of souvenir shops, restaurants and art galleries to visit, and horse-drawn carriages taking visitors on a stroll along promenade.

One of the largest parks in Southeast Asia is Rizal Park in Manila, named after Philippine writer, philosopher and anti-colonialist Jose Rizal . The park has much to offer: there are ornamental gardens, museums, a skating rink and a pond with recreated miniature Philippine archipelago.

In memory of Filipino and American resistance against Japanese troops during the World War II, there is a memorial and open-air museum on Corregidor , a small island in Manila Bay, to which tours can be arranged. Many World War II veterans visit American Cemetery and Memorial in Manila as well.

The village of Las Pinas has now become a part of Manila 's suburbs, but has kept its character. It is famous for its bamboo organ kept in the San Jose Church . So many tourists and organists come just to hear its unique sound that there is even Organ Festival in the second week of February.

Banaue, region in the northern Philippines gives a glimpse of what true Philippines are like. It is a World Heritage Site where people live according to the old tribal traditions and grow rice on the terraces constructed over 3000 years ago.

Filipino islands are diving paradise, so scuba-divers should definitely visit Tubbataha coral reef, which is a World Heritage Site.

Nature on the islands is breathtaking, so it's a great idea to visit national parks (Sohoton, Saint Paul and Mount Apo ), Taal Lake in a crater south of Manila or Mayon Volcano.

Sunbathing on one of many white-sand beaches is another great way of spending a day on Philippines.Coming by plane is the most common way of getting to the Philippines – there are two national airports: at Manila and at Cebu. There are flights operating between Philippine cities, as well as ferries and boats. Traveling around by metered or non-metered taxis, vans, jeepneys or rental cars is also possible.

Although the Philippines is hot and humid throughout whole year, there are two seasons; the dry (December to May) and the wet one (June to November). The best period to visit is during the dry season when there are no typhoons.

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