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Plastic Surgery Tourism

Low health-care cost and improved medical standards in developing countries have led to the emergence of plastic surgery tourism as a growing travel niche. It's a price-driven phenomenon, middle class citizens of Western countries are willing to travel around the world in order to evade the exploding medical cost at home.

This classic win-win situation allows patients to save thousands of dollars on their next nip, tuck and lift. On top of that they get a holiday in a beautiful exotic country like Thailand, South Africa or Costa Rica included for free.

Asian destinations like Thailand , the Philippines and Singapore are most popular for plastic surgery trips. They offer first-class medical facilities that are up to Western standards. Many of the qualified and experienced plastic surgeons in these countries have received their training in the US . Every type of female and male plastic surgery is on offer for face, breasts and body.

The plastic surgery industry is booming especially in Thailand , with various excellent private clinics in Bangkok , Phuket and Koh Samui. Only institutions that are registered with the Thai National Health Authority should be selected. Combining your plastic surgery with a relaxing stay on a beautiful Asian beach is definitely a good idea!

South Africa is another interesting option when considering plastic cosmetic surgery abroad. The Western Cape region around Cape Town boasts some of the best specialised clinics in the world. It also offers awesome scenic views on the coast around Table Mountain and various outdoor activities. Specialised organisations even provide exclusive safari tours in combination with cosmetic surgery. They arrange everything from co-ordinating all medical correspondence with your selected surgeon; preparing detailed cost estimates; arranging all medical consultations; assisting in your preparations and accompanying you to your surgery appointments.

Further plastic surgery destinations include the Dominican Republic , Brazil , Argentina , Hungary and Poland . Wherever you decide to go for your plastic surgery, it is crucial that you rely only on established clinics and research the surgeon of your choice very well. This will ensure that you can fully benefit from the many advantages of going abroad for your plastic surgery!

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