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Poland tours and sightseeing

A beautiful country in many ways, wherever you look. Whether that's in the old cities, the rugged scenery of the national parks or the Baltic Coast. The terrain is diverse with Carpathian and Sudeten Mountains in the south, thousands of lakes and forests in the north, and further north the beaches of the Baltic Coasts.

Poland Travel

Poland is located in the centre of Europe and is the largest of the former eastern European states. Countries that border it include Germany, the Czech Republic and Belarus. It's been ravaged many times by war but each time has built itself up again.
Warsaw is the country's capital where you'll find cafe culture, and clubs that never close as well as a wealth of historic monuments. There's the scenic Old Town and its Market Square, St John's Cathedral, or the Royal Castle, which was home to the last Polish king.

The ancient capital is Krakow, which survived the poundings of war. St Adalbert's Church dates back to the 10th century and there are many buildings from different periods that have survived.

Many tourists now travel to Auschwitz to remember the victims of the Nazi killing machine. Some of the prison blocks still stand and a short film in the visitor centre recalls the liberation of the camp by soviet troops.

Poland travel

Also well worth a visit is the scenic region of Silesia in the south west of the country, were you'll find awesome mountain ranges and gothic castles.

There are flights from many major European destinations into Warsaw and some of budget commercial airlines fly to several Polish cities. Road connections with Poland are good and the country can also be reached by rail from elsewhere in Europe. Internally LOT flies a network of routes. Roads in Poland can be of poor quality and easily congested.

Poland has a temperate climate with cold winters and warm summers. Winters can be severe inland from the Baltic Coast.

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