Prague Red Light District


Prague is one of the cities in Europe that have everything. It is a city full of history and beautiful sights, and just like a lot of great cities its red light district is alive and well. There are a lot of advantages to choosing Prague for a red light district visit. The first advantage is the women of Prague themselves. They are known worldwide for their beauty and one walk down the street will let you know that visiting the red light district will be a lot of fun. You will be able to find escorts, cabarets and strip clubs to make your visit a very fun one.

Prague Red Light District

Is It A Red Light District?

If you visit Prague and you ask about its red light district you may or may not get an answer. The reason for that is not that people are not being helpful, but rather that Prague's red light district is not really known as such. A taxi driver will more than likely take you to Wenceslas Square. This square is where the famous brothels are located in. The good news is that there are also a few lodging options around here so you can choose to stay close by. There are other areas where you could find other adult services, but they are not as reputable.



Wenceslas Square

People looking to do their adult travel in Prague will usually stay close to Wenceslas Square. This place is very popular because it gives you nightlife options as well as the strip clubs and the brothels. If you wanted to stay in another area, then that is fine. It is easy to get to Wenceslas Square using the metro. The brothels and strip clubs in this area are the bigger and the more expensive ones. They can be packed, but they are big enough that you will still be comfortable. The area is also safe, but you should use the same caution that you would in any other big city's red light district. You should also ask about cover charges before you go in.

Prague Red Light District

Smaller Sex Clubs

You can also find other smaller sex clubs outside Wenceslas Square, but they tend to be smaller and in some cases they feel almost as a bar and not a strip club. The advantage of these smaller clubs is that you can get more fun for your money. There rarely is a cover fee in the smaller clubs and the drinks tend to also be priced a bit lower than in the larger clubs. Some of the smaller bars will feel like a place where you can chat to the girls, though some of them also have private rooms.


Legalities And Cautions

Prostitution is legal in Prague, but some aspects like pimps and prostitution rings are not. If you are approached by a pimp, then you should avoid dealing with them as they can try to take advantage of you. Prague is the city in the Czech Republic with the most brothels, so there is a lot of fun to be had. Prague has been focusing on human trafficking and they have been effective in combating it. You should always be alert of your surroundings especially if you have been drinking. The city is fairly safe, but there are always bad seeds in the bunch.


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