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Qantas known worldwide for their first rate amenities, customer service, number of on-time arrivals, passenger check-ins, luxury, and reliability, Qantas airlines is one of the most widely traveled airlines in the world today.

Qantas airlines
Serving over 675 destinations worldwide, this airline flies mostly to the Pacific region and Asian regions, with additional flights to Europe, Los Angeles, South Africa, Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Dubai; it operates a fleet of 137 aircraft with an average age of 9.2 years. It is considered to be one of the leading long distance airlines, with an excellent safety record.

Qantas Airlines provides three levels of Economy classes, namely Domestic Economy Class, International Economy Class, and Premium International Economy Class, with the main differences being the type of seat, the level of cuisine, and a number of added amenities in different classes (with International Economy and Premium International Economy having their own individual entertainment systems, and all classes having laptop ports). The cuisine for all classes on this airline is primarily Western based with the destination city’s cuisine also mixed in at times.

Sample meals for Economy classes include 1.) green salad, rice, honey coriander chicken, bread, ice cream, and drink, and 2.) bacon, tomato, and sausage omelette, fruit, and two biscuits with cheese among many other meal plans. This airlines also provides two levels of Business Class in Domestic Business and International Business; both classes will provide additional amenities including complementary pajamas, with International Business Class will providing the passenger with the SkyBed seat, a fully reclining seat with a privacy screen, reading and night light, 10.4 inch screen, and seat massage.

Sample meals for Business classes include 1.) balsamic vinaigrette salad, salmon with dill sauce, rice, vegetables, and drink with a later snack of toasted baguette with smoked salmon, cream cheese, grilled eggplant and rocket leaves, 2.) scrambled eggs with salmon, fruit, toast, and freshly squeezed orange-mango juice, and 3.) prosciutto, fennel and orange salad with roasted red onion, seared snapper with soy, coriander, ginger and chili, rice with Choy Sum, green leaf salad with red wine vinaigrette, and white chocolate cheesecake with berry compote, and Paton's Macadamia Chocolate among many other meal options. First Class passengers will receive a seat that stretches out to six feet six inches, a first rate entertainment system, and a Collette Dinnigan purse for ladies..Sample meals include 1.) champagne, canapés, lemongrass and coconut soup with seafood dumplings, salad of baby cos, radicchio and frisee with balsamic vinaigrette, duck confit with roast parsnip, wilted spinach, warm pear and endive, cheeses hand selected by Will Studd, and dark chocolate and almond cake with double cream, and 2.) scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, sautéed field mushrooms, tomato relish, and sweet corn cakes with grilled bacon, slow roasted roma tomatoes, among many more meal options. Upon arrival and departure, first class passengers will have access to lounges that come with a spa, showers, library, business facilities, and food and drink.

Qantas Airlines has endured throughout the years due to the above amenities, service, and facilities, and is still one the top ten airlines in the world today; being the most widely used airline in the Australasia region, it is easy to see why it is also one of the highest ranked and most awarded as well.


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